Before Yakuza, SEGA’s Toshihiro Nagoshi was the lead producer for F-Zero GX on GameCube and the Super Monkey Ball franchise. In a recent interview with Red Bull France, Nagoshi expressed his interest in returning to the F-Zero franchise. Here’s what he had to say:

“Mmm… Putting aside the odds of it happening, I must admit I have a lot of affection for F-Zero GX. If the opportunity were to present itself, I wouldn’t mind. And in that case, I’d like to make it a challenging game. I believe that if Nintendo just wants a racing game that is ‘fun and accessible’, they already have Mario Kart for that purpose.”

It would be very interesting to see Nintendo and SEGA team up again for a challenging new F-Zero game. Many fans are fond of F-Zero GX and it remains as one of the most highly regarded games on the GameCube. Only time will tell if such a opportunity comes though. Stay tuned at Final Weapon for the latest Japanese gaming news and updates!