Square Enix has announced that they will be offering a permanent work-from-home program starting on December 1st. This program is available to all executive officers and employees at Square Enix. Here are more details courtesy of Gematsu:

Work-From-Home Program

Providing customers with unforgettable entertainment requires creativity and productivity. Moreover, the nature of the work involved demands consistent, robust security. As such, the Work-From-Home Program will combine “home-based” and “office-based” models.

Square Enix will designate each employee as either “home based” (working an average of at least three days per week from home) or “office based” (working an average of at least three days per week from the office). In general, all eligible employees will be designated as “home based.” Division heads will designate some positions or individual employees as “office based” as dictated by the nature of the work involved.

Status changes will be allowed on a monthly basis depending upon the intensity of an employee’s duties. Square Enix expects approximately 80% of employees to be home based in December, the first month of the program’s implementation.

  • Program Name: Work-From-Home Program

  • Eligible Companies:

    • Square Enix Co., Ltd.

    • Square Enix Holdings Co., Ltd.

    • Luminous Productions Co., Ltd.

  • Start Date: December 1, 2020

Reasons for Program Implementation

Square Enix had for some time been exploring options for enabling greater flexibility in working styles when the COVID-19 outbreak occurred. In response, Square Enix implemented a series of measures starting in February 2020 that included enabling work from home, staggered working hours, and online conferencing.

Following a sustained period with these measures in place, Square Enix conducted a survey in June that demonstrated that roughly 80 percent of employees had a positive view of work from home. Square Enix also carefully considered a wide range of opinions from businesses as diverse as games, publication, and music regarding the practicality of work from home. This program was finalized based on those considerations. By enabling the option of monthly status changes rather than establishing blanket rules regarding who works from home and who from the office, Square Enix has designed a program that should be highly satisfactory both to those performing duties and those managing them.

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