The Monster Hunter franchise might finally have a new entry on the Switch with a new rumor. The latest rumor comes from AestheticGamer, who recently talked about a Shenmue announcement coming in a few weeks. In addition, this user has been correct about past Capcom related rumors including the Resident Evil franchise. It seems that a new Monster Hunter game is currently in development for Switch using a customized version of Capcom’s RE Engine.

The RE Engine made its debut with Resident Evil 7, marking the departure from the mainstay MT Framework engine. Monster Hunter World was the most recent game from Capcom using the MT Framework. For Nintendo, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate was the latest entry from the series on Switch, which is an enhanced 3DS port. Capcom persuaded Nintendo before the Switch’s launch to upgrade the platform’s RAM to 4GB. This may be due to Capcom’s plans to make all new games for the Switch, including this rumored Monster Hunter game.

However, this should still be considered a rumor as this is not confirmed information. For more details regarding the rumor, check out Spawn Wave’s coverage of it here. Stay tuned at Final Weapon for the latest Japanese gaming news and updates!