Aksys Games comes under fire for borked translation of Collar X Malice Unlimited

    Over the past 24 hours, localization and publishing company, Aksys Games, has come under heavy fire from both consumers and professional Japanese to English translators alike for the very poor quality of its translation in the recently released Collar X Malice Unlimited for Nintendo Switch.

    News of these translation errors was bought to light initially by a twitter user, highlighting some of the more ridiculous errors that have been captured so far.

    Featured in the translation are a plethora of errors ranging from simple grammatical mistakes such as “When my imagination went twisted itself into knots” all the way to sentences that make little to no sense whatsoever like “My cheeks flushed slightly as Sasazuka placed a Sasazuka tapped a plastic bag that he had placed on the dining table”

    Professional J to E translators on twitter have been quick to comment on the matter, with twitter user and translator, Molly Lee stating constructive criticism for aksys: don’t have 100+ typos in a game you charge money for and call that your “best”“.

    Another professional J to E translator from twitter known as Meru, questioned why Aksys would release a title in such a state.

    At the time of writing, Aksys have not released any statements on if they will be releasing a patch to fix up this translation, however, this article will be updated if they do release a statement in future.

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