Since the Video Game Awards, Xbox has not been stubborn with their next-gen plans and console reveals.  If the latest rumor is to be true, we should be seeing the next set of reveals next month, according to the folks over at Windows Central.

One of the big rumors is the long talked about, but never seen, Xbox Lockhart, which is a second console shipping out alongside Xbox Series X that would be a cheaper option for those not wanting or needing the more beefier upgrades console.

We could also be seeing more information, perhaps some gameplay, of Halo Infinite and maybe, just maybe, a little tease of Fable 4.  We would also be seeing a lot of news for upcoming games as well.

It’s hard to say what we’ll be seeing if the rumor holds true.  We could be seeing something along the lines of another Inside Xbox, or a deep-dive into some tech like we saw with Digital Foundry.  What are you hoping to see next month if the rumor holds true?