Sony Teases PlayStation 5 News; PS4 Sales Milestone at CES 2020

    During Sony’s CES 2020 Keynote. PlayStation’s Jim Ryan came on stage and announced a new sales milestone for the PlayStation 4, and hinted about Sony’s next-generation system, the PlayStation 5.

    Ryan announced that PlayStation 4 has sold over 106 million systems, easily the highest selling console of the generation. As well as becoming the third PlayStation console to achieve the 100 million sales milestone.

    But that wasn’t the only thing Ryan announced. In addition to the PS4 sales milestones, he teased about the company’s upcoming PlayStation 5… just showing off its logo. That was it. Ryan further stated more information regarding PS5 would be revealed within the coming months.

    PlayStation 5 will launch in Holiday 2020. Around the same time as Microsoft’s Xbox One Series X, which was showed off today by AMD in a fake render which we all thought was the real thing at first.

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