Cat girl visual novel NekoMiko releases for Switch on December 5th

    The Japanese eShop has revealed that NekoMiko is releasing for Switch in December 5th! This cat girl romance visual novel released worldwide for PC on January 24th earlier this year. Here’s an overview of the game thanks to Gematsu:

    Nekofuku Shrine is a small shrine located in a corner of Akihabara. It is dedicated to two cats that are said to bring in good fortune and expel any misfortune.

    The legend goes that two cats came to help the revival of the town after a huge fire burnt it down a long time ago. Although the ancient and honorable shrine has stood in a quiet side street of Akihabara for hundreds of years, its surroundings have developed, leaving it with no worshippers for many years.

    One day, a very unfortunate young man came to visit the old shrine.

    The two cat-eared girls in the appearance of shrine maidens, could not stand by and not greet their first worshipper for many years. Especially one riddled with such misfortune.

    The two cat-eared girls start living with the young man to rid him of his misfortune, but…

    It turns out that this is the start of a somewhat eventful and sexual cohabitation between the young man and the 2 cat-eared shrine maidens!

    ■ Characters


    • Voiced by: Konoe Yuzuko

    • Height: 5 ft.

    • Weight: 92.6 lbs.

    • Bust-waist-hip measurements: 31-23-32

    A cat girl who has the ability to match-make and expel misfortune. She helped with the revival of the town by encouraging visitors to come after the great fire a long time ago. A positive-thinking girl who is quite clumsy. Hates having nothing to do, and lives in a very self-willed way. She often puts the main character in difficult situations. Addicted to the main character’s favorite game console.


    • Voiced by: Ayane Mako

    • Height: 4 ft. 9 in.

    • Weight: 88.2 lbs.

    • Bust-waist-hip measurements: 34-23-34

    A cat girl who has the ability to bring in good luck with money and expel misfortune. She helped with the revival of the town by encouraging visitors of the town to use lots of money after the great fire a long time ago. A serious and deceitful girl who often warns Ayame over her selfishness. She often says abusive things to the main character, despite not meaning any ill-harm. Addicted to the main character’s favorite light novels.

    ■ Key Features

    • Smooth character animation via the E-mote system.

    • Different character routes and endings.

    • High quality event CG.

    • Story set in an actual Japanese town.

    ■ Staff

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    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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