It appears that more characters have been leaked for Fire Emblem Three Houses! For starters, this article is a followup to the previous one that gives the full story. In short, a YouTuber data-mined more playable characters for Nintendo’s Strategy JRPG, Fire Emblem Three Houses. Not all leaked characters could be playable in future DLCs though, as their unit models were already in the game. However, characters such as Sothis or Rhea contain skill mastery and leveling up lines, revealing that they will indeed be playable in the near future.

For this most recent data-mine, Anna, Jeritza, Monica, Judith and Kostas are the ones being leaked here.

Seeing minor characters such as Kostas and Judith, it is safe to say that everyone in the roster could be playable in the future. Those models could also be here because they already were NPC units in the game. However, with Sothis and Rhea, assuming they would be playable isn’t out of the equation as well. Either way, stay tuned for more.