Sothis, Rhea and Jeralt leaked as playable units for Fire Emblem: Three Houses Expansion Pass!

    Nintendo‘s latest strategy JRPG sure has been making a lot of noise for the past two weeks, we even reviewed it ourselves and we totally share the same level of excitement. The game shines in many aspects, especially on the unit side of things. Being able to create genuine bonds with your students brings heavy emotional weight once you are on the battlefield. The fear of losing said students is as real as it gets. However, Fire Emblem hasn’t exactly allowed us to bring and play as everybody on the battlefield…at least, yet.

    A Youtuber by the name of DeathChaos data-mined the expansion pass DLC and leaked Sothis, Jeralt and Rhea as playable units. The video shows different quotes, attacks, and even models for all three. It even contains voice lines for things such as leveling up and skill mastery or weapon rank up, showing that they are not only mere NPCs. And when it comes to Sothis, her model actually shows up on the battlefield. The waves also contain more side stories for Sothis, Jeralt and Rhea. Nothing has been found on a possible Death Knight route as of right now.

    We are now entering speculation territory but my guess would be playable routes for Jeralt and Rhea that fletches out their characters even more.

    We, however still don’t have any release dates but that expansion pass sure does seem meaty in content. Stay tuned for more info.

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