Ty The Tasmanian Tiger for Switch Kickstarter is live

    Pretty sure no one was expecting this to happen but here we are. Krome Studios has announced a Kickstarter for a Ty The Tasmanian Tiger Switch version.

    Their goal is to reach $50,000 and hopefully it’ll reach that. Here’s what the funding will be spent on.

    • Joy-Con six-axis motion control for throwing the range, gliding, and precision boomeranging
    • Screen-space ambient occlusion
    • Fully dynamic shadows
    • Color correction and bloom
    • High-definition art textures for the levels and characters
    • Improved particle effects
    • Improved camera
    • New game mode called “Hardcore Mode”
    • QA testing and problem fixing
    • Nintendo Lot Check
    • New TY character skins (a $75,000 stretch goal)
    • Compatible with both the original Switch and Switch Lite (the latter requires extra controllers to be able to use the TY motion controls such as throwing and gliding)


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