Need for Speed and PvZ games planned to arrive this year

    EA seem to be on track with their anticipated upcoming releases. The next Need for Speed and Plants vs. Zombies games are on track to release during this calendar year. More specifically, sometime within the October to December release window.

    The news was first spotted by Daniel Ahmad (@ZhugeEx) when searching through EA’s Q1 Financial Results and Highlights. If you want to look at them yourself, you’re welcome to do so here. For those wanting the pertinent information, the above image shows the games we’ve gotten plus the upcoming for Q3. The games coming are NBA Live 20, Star Wars Jedi, PvZ, and Need for Speed. Three of those are for PC and consoles, with the consoles they release for likely to be revealed closer to launch.

    The PvZ news doesn’t exactly come as a huge surprise, as we received information on the game coming last week. It’s definitely reassuring though to know it’s on track for this year though. Same with Need for Speed, as the last title for that franchise was all the way in 2017 with NFS Payback. Considering that only got around 60s from critics, fans are likely looking for a better title in the franchise anyways.

    Are you excited for the next titles in these franchises? Let us know down in the comments!

    Shawn Robinson
    Shawn Robinson
    19 | Head of PC for Final Weapon

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