Challenger Pack 2 – Full Overview

    Nintendo dropped a twenty-two minute video detailing Challenger Pack 2 and Version 4.0 this morning featuring Mr. Sakurai. Smash 4.0 and Hero will release tonight, July 30th. Here are all of the details:

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    Challenger Pack 2: The Hero from Dragon Quest

    Hero has finally been revealed in depth! With a detailed look at his moveset, we now know everything about Hero! Hero, the protagonist from Dragon Quest, joins the battle! Hero is an extremely unique fighter, offering a balance of sword fighting and magic. Hero also has alts for 4 of the Heroes from popular Dragon Quest games. These include: The Luminary or Eleven from Dragon Quest XI, Eight from Dragon Quest VIII, Solo from Dragon Quest IV, and Erdrick from Dragon Quest III. Hero is fighter #72 in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and he is the second of five DLC fighters in the Fighter’s Pass. Hero has a very unique moveset in Smash Ultimate, pulling many references from Dragon Quest. With the command menu, he has the most amount of moves of any fighter. Below we take an in depth look at all of Hero’s attacks!

    For Hero’s Smash Attack, he uses his sword. Hero’s Smash Attacks have a chance for a Critical Hit. If this is triggered, an extra strong attack will happen. The look of the Critical Hits are actually based on the Critical Hits from some games in the Dragon Quest series!

    The Hero is equipped with a shield, which will allow you to block projectiles. His forward tilt is a Shield Bash attack that can also be used to block or negate projectiles.

    Neutral Special – Frizz-type spells

    • Frizz – A quick small fireball spell that is activated by tapping B.
    • Frizzle – A bigger fireball spell that is activated by holding B for just a bit.
    • Kafrizz – A giant fireball spell that is activated by holding B until Hero is fully charged.

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    Hero can cancel the charging of a Frizz-type spell by pressing Shield, and can resume charging of a Frizz-type spell again. You can store a full charge until you are ready to unleash it whenever you wish. However, if you do not have enough MP, nothing will happen when you try to use the attack. Spells cannot be used without MP.

    Side Special – Zap-type spells

    • Zap – A quick shock to opponents, done with a quick tap.
    • Zapple – A big shock to opponents, has a pretty good reach too. Hold Side B down a little longer for a Zapple.
    • Kazap – A giant shock, Hero spins the lightning around him with his sword. Done by charging up Side B all the way.

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    All of these spells use your sword powered up with lightning.

    Up Special – Woosh-type spells

    • Woosh – Performed by using a quick Up Special. Gets you to the height of about a double jump. Fairly small, this spell requires a little MP.
    • Swoosh – Peformed by charging the Up Special a little bit. Gets you much higher than the standard Woosh. The Swoosh provides a little bit more lateral movement.
    • Kaswoosh – Performed by fully charging the Up Special. Gets you incredibly high, and can help you recover even if you fall very far.

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    Woosh-type spells also allow you to blow enemies in the air. Their is a gust of wind, almost tornado looking under the area where the spell is performed. This can allow you to interfere with opponents.

    Down Special – Command Selection

    Hero’s Down Special makes a random list of commands appear in a pop up menu. Selecting a spell or a move will trigger it, taking the MP with it.

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    • Oomph – Simply raises your attack power. Deals lots of damage with a full charged Smash Attack.
    • Psyche Up – Increases the power of your next attack. This differs from Oomph as the effect wears off after 1 use. The effect lasts until an opponent is hit, even if you miss.
    • Bounce – Reflects your opponent’s spells and projectiles. The spell seems to amplify the damage of the projectile once it is reflected.
    • Heal – Lets you reduce Hero’s damage percentage.
    • Flame Slash – Spreads damage in a very wide area in front of you.
    • Kacrackle Slash – Freezes opponents.
    • Acceleratle – Significantly increases Hero’s speed. Makes him very fast.
    • Kaboom – Sets up a mighty explosive spell.
    • Snooze – Puts opponents to sleep, so you can follow it up with a strong attack.
    • Hatchet Man – Delivers a Critical Hit when it connects.
    • Thwack – Can sometimes instantly KO an opponent. A higher damage percentage increases the chances of an instant KO.
    • Zoom – This spell allows you to recover to the stage from anywhere. You will hit your head if there is a ceiling.
    • Kaclang – When you cast this spell, you stay in place, becoming invincible for a limited time.
    • Metal Slash – One-hit KO a metal opponent.
    • Hocus Pocus – A spell with unpredictable effects, you never know what will happen. The effects that occur can be good or bad.
    • Magic Burst – This powerful attack uses up all of your MP. It deals massive damage while taking away all of your MP in the process. Damage will increase depending on the amount of MP left.
    • Kamikazee – A very powerful explosion that will result in self-destruction.

    Command Selection can be cancelled by using the shield button. This allows you to try again to get another set of spells.

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    Final Smash – Gigaslash

    Hero’s Final Smash calls upon all of the Dragon Quests protagonists to lend Hero their power for one very mighty blow. Hero’s Final Smash has a very high vertical range.

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    Now, let’s move on to the stage.

    Stage – Yggdrasil’s Altar

    This stage is based off of a location in Dragon Quest XI. In the stage, you travel across many various places in Erdrea, the place where Dragon Quest XI takes place. This is a traveling stage. As you reach different areas, platforms will appear. Slimes and Liquid Metal Slimes occupy the platform, and appear and disappear throughout the battle. Sometimes, a platform with a chest will appear. The chest will contain an item. However, there is always the chance that the chest is a mimic. You do not have to fight the mimic, but if you defeat it you will be granted an item.

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    As always, this Challenger Pack contains select music tracks. Sakurai stated that he wanted there to be music from DQ XI, DQ VIII, DQ IV, and DQ III. He decided to give 2 music tracks to each, so each Hero in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has music from their game. The team elected to go with field and battle tunes. Below you can find the Dragon Quest music in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!

    • Adventure – DRAGON QUEST III
    • Fighting Spirits – DRAGON QUEST III
    • Battle for the Glory – DRAGON QUEST IV
    • Wagon Wheel’s March
    • War Cry
    • Marching through the Fields
    • The Hero Goes Forth with a Determination
    • Unflinchable Courage

    Sakurai states that we won’t be able to listen to the famous prelude in the stage, but the very end of it will play on the Hero’s victory screen.

    Purchase Bonuses

    As a purchase bonus for Hero, you will receive the DLC Spirit Board for Dragon Quest, and Hero’s Classic Mode route.


    Hero is available for all Fighter’s Pass owners right now, and those who do not own the Fighter’s Pass can buy Challenger Pack 2 for $5.99.

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