Arknights Launches ‘Zwillingstürme im Herbst’ Event

    The German influence is clear.

    Hypergryph announced the “Zwillingstürme im Herbst” limited-time event is now live in  Arknights for Android and iOS. The event comes just days removed from the Arknights: Rise From Ember anime announcement.

    The Arknights Perish in Frost anime premiered on October 6, 2023, continuing the story from where Prelude to Dawn anime episode 8 left off. The anime was in production at Yostar Pictures, and several voice actors reprised their roles. Yostar Pictures will produce Arknights: Rise From Ember, and the Arknights mobile game continues to be a major success for Hypergryph.

    Arknights Zwillingstürme im Herbst Event Begins

    The Zwillingstürme im Herbst event is now live in Arknights until May 28th at 03:59 (UTC-7). Players may participating in the “Zwillingstürme anbeten,” “Die Gnade ist ewig,” and “Die Macht ist grimm” events to earn new rewards. Players may also earn “Klänge von den Erinnerungen” by completing activities in Venesuhrenturm. Rewards from these activities may be exchanged at the Herbstkonzert for valuable items, including the 6-star Operator Lessing, new furniture sets, elite materials, and much more.

    Here’s an overview of the new operators, via Hypergryph:

    • 6-star Ritualist Operator: Virtuosa – As a supporter, her trait allows her attacks to deal Arts Damage and Elemental Damage. Her talent inflicts necrosis damage on enemies within her attack range, causing them to suffer from brief sluggishness every second, and increases the necrosis damage taken by these enemies.
    • 6-star Arts fighter Operator: Viviana – As a guard, her trait enables her to deal Arts damage. Her talent enhances the Arts damage she deals while simultaneously reducing both physical and arts damage she takes; this effect is further amplified when an elite or boss enemy is within her attack range.
    • 6-star Dreadnought Operator: Lessing – As a guard, his trait allows him to block 1 enemy. His talent reduces the physical and arts damage taken from enemies he is not blocking while he is in the act of blocking. Additionally, after taking damage, his attack increases for a certain duration, an effect that is unstackable.
    • 5-star Guardian Operator: Bassline – As a defender, his trait enables him to heal allies through the use of skills. His talent increases his RES, and when there is an allied unit within the surrounding 8 tiles, his RES is further increased.

    Lastly, Arknights is available now for Android and iOS worldwide.

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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