Hookah Haze Gets New Theme Song Music Video

    Featuring vocals by Nakuru Aitsuki.

    Aniplex and Acquire released a music video for “hookah lounge visual novel” Hookah Haze featuring the game’s theme song “Hookah, whoo!” by Nakuru Aitsuki.

    Hookah Haze is set in the year “2XXX” on the outskirts of Akihabara. A new hookah lounge opens for the first time, and rookie manager Toru Sumiki begins to experience some changes while socializing with the lounge’s regulars. The story takes its own twists and turns based on the decisions the protagonists makes with these customers. 

    Hookah Haze Theme Song / Music Video by Nakuru Aitsuki

    Nakuru Aitsuki’s theme song for Hookah Haze was produced and written by DECO*27. The song was also arranged and composed by tepe, as previously announced. Fans may listen to “Hookah, whoo!” on streaming services starting April 27.

    Watch the music video for “Hookah, whoo!” below, courtesy of Aniplex:


    Hookah Haze is coming to Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam in 2024 with English, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese language options. Lastly, here’s an overview of the game’s story and characters, via Steam

    It’s the year 2xxx.
    On the outskirts of Akihabara,
    a new hookah lounge opens its doors to customers.
    Welcome to Hookah Haze!

    Before long, the rookie manager Toru Sumiki notices that socializing with the lounge’s peculiar clientele has begun to change them.

    Tobacco flavor recommendations on social media affect who visits the lounge,
    weaving the twists of the story nudged in this or that direction by the choices the protagonist makes in the course of relaxed late-night conversations with the customers.


    “Anything you want to try doing?”
    The protagonist, Toru Sumiki, loses the will to live after being diagnosed with a fatal illness.
    Toru’s doctor insists he should make the most of the little time he has left,
    and he signs on as a temporary manager of a hookah lounge.

    Through his new job, Toru meets three very unusual girls.
    Although cheerful at a glance, they’re battling with work problems or past trauma,
    searching for a place to belong.
    As Toru begins to bond with them through hookah,
    what will he find once the girls fully open up to him?


    Amu Aigami
    “Don’t skimp on praise for me, I deserve it!”

    Birthday: November 11. 23 years old. Blood type: B.
    Novelty cafe employee at Akihabara. Thirsty for attention, loves to be spoiled. Absolutely loves herself.

    Meigetsuin Kokoro
    “Ever thought being alive was overrated?”

    Birthday: June 21. 27 years old. Blood type: A.
    Store clerk.
    Polite, intelligent and usually optimistic, but hides past trauma.

    Kurumi Komori

    Birthday: July 22. 21 years old. Blood type: B.
    A doll-maker employed by a big business.
    Comes off as willful. Not a great communicator.

    Toru Sumiki
    “I’d like to connect with someone through my interests.”

    25 years old. Blood type: AB
    Hookah Haze’s temporary manager.
    Has a tendency to give up on his own desires and put others before himself.
    Loves hookah and fish tanks.

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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