Freedom Planet 2 Available Today on Consoles

    The wait is finally over.

    XSEED Games have officially announced that Freedom Planet 2 is finally available today on all consoles. They have released a new trailer commemorating the game’s launch.

    Freedom Planet 2 first launched on PC via Steam on September 13, 2022. The console version was announced shortly before the game’s PC launch. They delayed it to Spring 2024 in December. In January, they confirmed that the game will release on April 4. You can check out Final Weapon’s official review of Freedom Planet 2 for our firsthand experience on the new title.

    Freedom Planet 2 Available Now, Launch Trailer Released

    Freedom Planet 2 Screenshot

    XSEED Games have announced that their latest game, Freedom Planet 2, is available today on all consoles. The game is priced at $24.99, however, there is a ten percent discount on all consoles until April 10. Further, a $35 collection of both Freedom Planet and Freedom Planet 2 is also available with a 10% discount. After April 11, the 10% discount will remain for those who own the original Freedom Planet on the Nintendo Switch. Check out the official launch trailer below:

    A previous press release describes the console port as follows:

    Return to the vibrant world of Avalice to battle an ancient threat in the long-awaited sequel to the surprise indie action-platformer hit, Freedom Planet. In the years since the events of the original game, our three heroines have refined their signature abilities, making them more formidable than ever before.

    Take advantage of Lilac’s speed with her Dragon Boost, reach new heights with Carol’s Jump Disc or motorcycle, or take a more measured approach with Milla’s shield. And all-new playable character Neera won’t be left out in the cold, as she can use her powerful Frost Arts to punish foes. Like its predecessor, this high-speed platforming adventure delivers exhilarating momentum-based action, but advances the formula with new gameplay systems and enhancements.

    With 24 expertly designed stages, an ambitiously expanded Adventure mode, retro-but-refined 2D visuals, and the addition of the highly requested Boss Rush mode, Freedom Planet 2 is the indie darling grown up to become a true platforming power.

    Lastly, Freedom Planet 2 is available now on all consoles.

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