Street Fighter 6 Releases New Akuma Character Guide

    Learn Akuma now!

    Street Fighter 6 has just unveiled a character guide for its latest character, Akuma.  You can watch it on the official Street Fighter YouTube channel now.

    Akuma will be released alongside a major balance patch on May 22. Characters’ moves will change according to Capcom, so stay tuned for more information in the upcoming weeks. Additionally, Outfit 3 is coming for all Year 1 characters, including the DLC fighters. Classic fans can look forward to his throwback outfit, inspired by his debut look in Super Street Fighter II Turbo. Players interested in learning more about the content included with Akuma’s release can check out the fighting pass here.

    Street Fighter 6 Akuma Guide – The Details

    In this guide, Capcom talks about Akuma’s game plan and how his special moves work. While Akuma has low health, his powerful moveset makes up for it. Classic Street Fighter players familiar with Akuma can feel right at home, as he retains many of his classic moves with a few new additions this time.

    Check out the guide below, via Capcom:

    Players can fight against Akuma in all three game modes: Fighting Ground, World Tour, and Battle Hub. As your master in World Tour, Akuma will have his own area where you can traverse and experience combat. The developers promise to announce Year 2 content and Battle Hub events later this year.

    For players looking for to Capcom Cup XI, there is lots to look forward to. Capcom also announced that Capcom Cup XI will conclude this year’s Capcom Pro Tour season, awarding the Grand Finals winner a $1 million grand prize. Competitors from around the world are preparing for the CPT 2024 season. Additionally, the Street Fighter League (SFL): Pro-JP 2024 welcomes three new teams-Crazy Racoon, FUKUSHIMA IBUSHIGIN, and Yogibo REJECT. With twelve teams competing, it’s the biggest season yet. The SFL JP 2024 season starts in July.

    Street Fighter 6 is available now on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC via Steam, and Xbox Series X|S. 

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