Reverse: 1999 Version 1.4 Phase Two Now Available

    "6" joins the fray as a playable Arcanist.

    Bluepoch Games announced phase two of the Reverse: 1999 Version 1.4 update is now live worldwide. Players may login right now to participate in new events, earn the new six-star Arcanist “6,” and enjoy new stories in the continuation of the Ancient Greece-themed update.

    Reverse: 1999 is a cinematic time-travel adventure that sees players control Vertin the Timekeeper, a British Arcanist that’s immune to the mysterious “Storm” that causes the timeline to stop at 1999. It’s up to Vertin to travel between eras and seek out other Arcanists that can save the timeline. In each major update, she will also battle against other Arcanists that wish to use the Storm to rewrite history.

    Reverse: 1999 Version 1.4 Phase Two

    Phase two of Reverse: 1999 Version 1.4 is titled “The Prisoner in the Cave.” In this phase, players may recruit Apeiron leader 6 and help him pursuit happiness and truth for his people. Players also have access to new sign-in rewards, a new UTTU Flash Gathering titled “Wandering on the Shore,” and a variety of new events running through April 17.

    Here’s a breakdown of the events for Reverse: 1999 Version 1.4 phase two, courtesy of Bluepoch Games: 

    • New 6-Star Arcanist, 6: 
      • Players can now summon the stoic 6-star arcanist 6 with the banner “Seeker in the Cave.”
      • The title of 6 has been passed down for generations to every new Apeiron leader. The number stands for perfection and harmony. It is worthy only for those who fulfill the island’s ideals for outstanding leadership. The new 6 cannot defy his fate and purpose. But that won’t stop him from seeking out the truth behind eternal happiness.
    • New Sign-In Event, “Treasure in the Suitcase II” 
      • Sign in for 10 days to claim up to 10 Unilogs.
    • New UTTU Flash Gathering, “Wandering on the Shore”
      • Collect FAME cards to claim La Source’s new garment for free.
    • 6’s Character Story, “Trudge in the Long Night”
      • Question fate with 6 and complete his story to claim growth materials, Clear Drops, and other rewards.
    • New “Sealed Records” Event:
      • Assist a little potionist and their monitor assistant with unsealing secret files to claim growth materials and Clear Drops.
    • New “Anecdote” Gameplay
      • Dive deeper into Oliver Fog’s backstory beginning April 1.

    Check out the new trailer for 6 below: 

    Lastly, Reverse: 1999 is available now for Android, iOS, and PC via Windows

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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