Fantasy RPG Azur Promilia Revealed for PS5, PC and Mobile

    Pre-registration is now live.

    Azur Lane development studio Manjuu Network Technology announced Azur Promilia, a new “creature companionship fantasy world RPG” for PlayStation 5, Android, iOS, and PC. The game’s official website is now live, confirming that pre-registration is available right now. 

    The Azur Lane mobile game is one of the most successful gacha titles in the world, spawning manga, novels, anime, and console games like Azur Lane: Crosswave. Azur Promilia is the newest title for the Azur Lane series, taking players to a fantasy world filled with intriguing creatures. A release date was not announced, but fans can expect more details at a later date.

    In the meantime, watch the announcement trailer and gameplay demonstration below:

    Azur Promilia – Announcement Trailer 

    Gameplay Demonstration

    Lastly, here’s an overview of the game and its characters, via the official website

    Azur Promilia is a fantasy world RPG with creature companionship. Step into a fantasy world, utterly different from the world you know. The world of various civilizations, magic and incredible fantasy creatures, together with tales echoing in the starry sky. Take a daring leap from the sky into the ocean, to once again encounter and bond with new life. Guided by shooting stars, amid the sparkling constellations, this is your very own journey. The entire universe eagerly anticipates the ballad of stars and odyssey, exclusively yours to unfold.


    • Terara (Furrian) – The self-proclaimed best hunter in Charlulu Village, this wolf girl wields her spear relentlessly to protect her loved ones. With an unlimited curiosity for the outer world, she often leaps before she looks. A tad audacious, isn’t she?!
    • Han Youyou (Human) – Meet our lively and confident girl – always on the hunt for hidden treasures. Armed with a unique blend of martial arts and engineering savvy, she breezes through every adventure. There’s no goal too high for her, and if there is, she’s got a bunch of clever tricks and a money bag ready.
    • Shalle Ensys (High Elf) – As a member of the Averian Pegasus Knights, this elven girl possesses a gentle aura that calms even the wildest of creatures. This bond of trust extends to her Kibo, the Pegasus named Lorilei. While her imposing lance might startle some, it’s her insatiable appetite that truly turns people’s heads around.
    • Peipei (Pammy) – At JiYi Pavillion in Jinghua Cape, where crowds flock for the most delicious cuisines, Peipei the panda Pammy reigns as the best waitress, mastering the art of kung fu, collecting bills, and irresistible cuteness! Guests thinking of pulling a prank on Peipei should think again—those kitchen chefs aren’t shy about swinging their heavy metal ladles!
    • Nono (Pammy) – From the Pammy Adventure Duo, it’s all about how hard Nono swings the hammer when it comes to how deep they could explore. Nono’s top priorities? Eat, rest, and anything shiny. Actions speak louder than words for Nono. When it comes to chatting? Better leave that to the partner!
    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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