Wonderful Precure Movie Confirms September 13 Premiere

    The anime series is currently ongoing as of February 4.

    A recent episode of the Wonderful Precure anime revealed that a movie adaptation for the series will premiere in theaters on September 13. It is unknown if Wonderful Precure! The Movie! will air in Western theaters.

    Wonderful Precure is the 21st anime in the Precure franchise. The most recent entry is Kibō no Chikara ~Otona Precure 23~, a spinoff of the Yes! Precure 5 and Yes! Precure 5 Go Go! anime. The series is available now on Crunchyroll.

    Wonderful Precure! The Movie Premiering on September 13, New Visual and Trailer Revealed

    Wonderful Precure! The Movie! Key Visual

    A recent episode of the currently ongoing Wonderful Precure anime announced a movie adaptation for the series. Wonderful Precure! The Movie! will premiere on September 13 in Japanese theaters. Further, a key visual for the movie has been revealed, which you can check out above. Check out the teaser trailer for the anime film below:

    The cast and staff of the anime are as follows:


    • Maria Naganawa as Komugi Inukai / Cure Wonderful
    • Atsumi Tanezaki as Iroha Inukai / Cure Friendy
    • Satsumi Masada as Cure Nyamii
    • Reina Ueda as Cure Lilian


    • Director: Masanori Sato
    • Series Composition Writer: Yoshimi Narita
    • Character Designer: Yoko Uchida

    Chihaya Yoshitake performs the OP, titled “Wondaful Precure! evolution!” Ami Ishii and Moeha Nochimoto perform the ED, titled “FUN☆FUN☆Wonderful DAYS!” The official website describes the series as follows:

    Animal Town is a town where animals and people live together. Iroha loves animals and is good friends with her dog, Komugi! One day, a mysterious creature, Garugaru, wreaks havoc in the town! However, in order to protect Iroha, Komugi transformed into human form and became a Precure…! I have to save the child animal whose heart is being garugaru-ed…! Let’s join forces and return the animals to Niko Garden!

    Lastly, Wonderful Precure! The Movie! will premiere on September 13. The anime’s staff will reveal more about the film’s premiere date and whether or not it will be distributed to the West in the coming months.

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