Tekken 8 – Essential Tips to Defeat Devil Jin

    Don't go Devil hunting without this information!

    Are you losing to Devil Jin in the online ranks of Tekken 8? Don’t worry, because after reading this article, you will have the knowledge necessary to fight against him. This article will cover how to deal with Devil Jin players’ common attacks in Tekken 8. This article is essential to read if you want to stop losing to Devil Jin so much and start seeing more success.

    Disclaimer: There will be notations I will use in this guide to describe specific attacks. If you find yourself confused at any of these points, use the guide below as a guidance:

    Defeating Devil Jin in Tekken 8 – Dealing With His Wavedash Rushdown Strategy

    Devil Jin wavedashing on his opponent in Tekken 8

    Wavedashing in Tekken 8 is a powerful tactic when on the offensive. Constantly wavedashing in front of a player will make them fear a mid or low attack. This puts the player in a 50/50 mixup situation where they must guess between these two powerful attacks. Some characters can go into damaging combos from many of these low and mid attacks.

    That is to say, Devil Jin is no stranger to this strategy. From his wavedash, he can go into Spinning Demon Hellfire Beam. This low-sweeping attack goes into a laser beam, sending the opponent high in the air. From here, he can go into a long combo that carries the opponent closer to the wall. While the move is flashy, it has weaknesses. It is hugely punishable if you block this move because it is -23 on block. Figure out what attacks your character has to punish it.

    Additionally, Devil Jin players commonly do two mid attacks after wavedashing; Demon’s Paw or crouch dash into 3 (cd, 3). Both attacks land into rewarding combos but are also minus on block. This means that you can attack afterward without fear of retaliation if you block any of those moves. You can also jab the cd, 3 attack when you see the Devil Jin player in the air. 

    Dealing With Infernal Shackle

    Devil Jin using Infernal Shackle on his opponent in Tekken 8

    Infernal Shackle is a long-range attack that Devil Jin can use in the neutral game. It’s a great tool to catch opponents from afar, keeping them on their toes. You can duck or sidestep it to avoid being touched. If you duck it and are close enough, you can go for a punish! But that’s not where it all ends.

    After it touches the opponent, he can go into a mode called Morning Crow that follows up into various attacks. There are different ways to deal with each follow-up, so here is a list of how to deal with them all:

    • Tiger Thrush – Use a 10 frame move or sidestep to the left to dodge it. Your 10 frame move will generall be your jabs.
    • Dark Arachnid Twitster – Extremely punishable on block, so continue blocking if you think the Devil Jin player will use it. Find out which of your character’s moves can punish this move on block.
    • Venomous Torment – You can jab it once you see the Devil Jin player rise to the air.
    • Devil Starstorm – This is also punishable on block, so find the right punish from your character.

    Infernal Shackle and Morning Crow are both critical attacks to learn how to deal with. These assist Devil Jin in getting to his most vital position, which you want to avoid as much as possible. Brush up on these tools, and you will improve at most of the matchup.

    Dealing With Devil Jin’s Common Strings

    Devil Jin using one of his strings on his opponent in Tekken 8

    Characters in Tekken 8 have many block strings that they can use on offense. While many of them are very powerful, they all still have flaws. Here are some of the standard strings you will find Devil Jin players doing:

    • Flash Claw Combo – Punishable on block (-17)
    • Back Fist Combo – Punishable on block (-12)
    • Demon Backhand Spin – Punishable on block (-13)

    These are the standard strings you will see Devil Jin players do, but you can go into the move list and learn how to deal with many others there. Like all these tips, you want to go at it one at a time, absorbing it into muscle memory. Before you know it, you will have an easier time against Devil Jin in Tekken 8. Stay tuned for more guides and tips on Tekken 8!

    Here is a guide below on how to generally improve at the game:

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