Shiren the Wanderer 6 – Conditions Guide

    Keeping Shiren in tip-top shape should take priority. Can't be running on fumes mid-run, huh?

    Shiren the Wanderer: The Mystery Dungeon of Serpentcoil Island is a deep roguelike JRPG, meaning a plethora of status conditions, effects, and more await you. Having an encyclopedic knowledge of what can affect Shiren will only ever benefit you. This here Shiren the Wanderer 6: The Mystery Dungeon of Serpentcoil Island Conditions and Stats Guide can act as your ‘Conditions 101’.

    The game is available on the Nintendo Switch and is available on the eshop and physically from retailers! Take a look at the official site for the game for more information!

    Shiren the Wanderer 6 Conditions Guide – General Tips

    Don’t be afraid of failure! You may have to start over upon incapacitation, but many new things are unlocked by making multiple attempts and progressing further within the dungeons. Your experimentation and willpower will gain you immeasurable knowledge and practice. Remember: rise and rise again!

    Take your time! This game is turn-based in a sense, as everything moves and happens in response to YOUR actions. If you’re in a tight situation, really mull over your options and brainstorm a proper plan. Read item and monster descriptions, experiment with your gear, strategically stall, flee for safety, or even take a loss if necessary. Progress is progress!

    Our Shiren the Wanderer 6 Guides are here to help! They offer more in-depth information on a variety of topics.

    Leveling Up

    Shiren the Wanderer 6 : Dungeon Exploration

    Shiren’s level is the cornerstone of his base strength. You generally want to grow around 1 level per floor on average (for the main plot). His level increases his HP and strength over time. 

    HP and Fullness

    At the top of the screen, you have two gauges, your HP and your Fullness. When your HP hits zero, you get incapacitated and start the whole cycle all over. So, take care to keep that HP up! Gain levels and eat HP-increasing items to bolster it! Fullness is replenished by eating food and can be expanded with other food items. Fullness depletes as you take turns, and if it drops to 0 you begin to take damage from hunger. Increasing your fullness also has a special effect…


    Shiren the Wanderer 6 : Inventory Screen

    Strength has two main boons, increasing attack power and allowing you to equip another bracelet once it surpasses 10. This makes you stronger in many ways. Not only will your attacks be more devastating, but having a second accessory can provide a bevy of new possible effects that can benefit you greatly. 

    Ailing Ailments and Benevolent Buffs

    Shiren the Wanderer 6 : Blind Status

    The dungeon itself is very dangerous. It also houses many things that can infect you with some less-than-ideal conditions. You can be poisoned, blinded, weakened, and even confused. Enemies, items, and traps will all impede your progress with these possibly dangerous effects. These effects can interfere with your survival, so avoiding certain situations and keeping remedies in your inventory is vital. However, you can also inflict your opponents with the same ailments by using the right items. 

    Luckily for Shiren, there are just as many beneficial effects. You can eat certain items that improve your stats permanently or give you temporary buffs. Some of these buffs include better accuracy, more strength, or even being able to take two turns in a row. This makes certain combat scenarios a dance between keeping yourself in better-than-usual shape and keeping 


    Shiren the Wanderer 6 : Sumo Shiren

    The Sumo status is so good to have. Not only do you get extra HP and attack power, you also destroy traps and can’t be shoved around. This gives you advantages such as survivability, combat improvements, and extra protection during exploration. Just be sure to keep your fullness high, as it now drains faster. Losing the Sumo status wouldn’t be any good! There’s also a lot of strategy involved in getting your fullness up. Keeping plenty of Onigir and consuming them smartly is the key. 

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