Project L Update and Official Name Reveal Coming Tomorrow

    It's League time!

    Tom Cannon, the executive producer for Project L, announced on his Twitter/X that his team will showcase a new Project L update tomorrow. He also noted that they will reveal the actual name of the game.

    Project L was revealed to the world a few years ago, and fans have been hooked ever since then. After players played the game at EVO, there were questions about when more news on the game would be announced. Tom Cannon alleviated fans’ worries by announcing a surprise for tomorrow.

    Project L Update – A New Update and Name Reveal to Be Shown

    Project L characters gearing up for the new update to be revealed tomorrow

    Tom Cannon told Project L fans that the game will show off new information tomorrow. There is no information on whether they will reveal this news on a live stream or Project L‘s main Twitter/X account. Whatever news comes out of it, you can expect us to report it here on Final Weapon. 

    Cannon also disclosed that it will be the last Project L update because they will officially reveal the game’s name. After doing so, all the social media channels will change their name. He didn’t hint at any clues as to what the name could be, but stay tuned.

    Riot’s new fighting game, Project L, is an innovative free-to-play 2D fighter set in the League of Legends universe. It features 2v2 combat where each player controls a pair of characters from the game. It introduces a simplified control scheme with three attack buttons and easy-to-execute special moves, similar to Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising. The game tries to aim for accessibility while maintaining depth for competitive play.

    Additionally, the character roster includes familiar faces like Ahri, Darius, Ekko, and Yasuo, with more expected to be announced. Behind Project L are notable figures from the fighting game community, including Tom and Tony Cannon, founders of the EVO championship series and pioneers of the rollback netcode, GGPO.

    Platforms and a release date for Project L have yet to be announced.

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