Splatoon 3 Side Order Overview Trailer Revealed

    Reject chaos, return to order.

    Nintendo has released an overview trailer for Splatoon 3‘s upcoming story expansion, Side Order. The DLC will release on February 22.

    Nintendo initially released Splatoon 3 in September 2022. Previously, the game was going through its 2023 Chill Season. The season initially began on December 1 and features a wealth of new weapons, the returning Bluefin Depot map, new clothing, and so much more. On March 1, Splatoon 3 will begin its Fresh Season, which will include new maps, weapons, and more to come over the coming weeks and months.

    Splatoon 3 Side Order Overview Trailer Reveals Expansion’s Gameplay Loop

    Nintendo has provided an overview for Splatoon 3 Side Order via a new trailer. The trailer reveals what fans can expect from the expansion’s gameplay loop. Players will be trying to traverse the massive “Spire of Order.” Along the way, they will be picking which floor to go to and whether to set the difficulty to easy, medium, or hard. The higher the difficulty, the harder the challenge for completing the floor. It also means better rewards and better color chip enhancements.

    The color chip enhancements are upgrades similar to those you might find in a rougelite like Hades or Sifu. Essentially, they upgrade Agent 8’s abilities and enhance them in certain ways. For example, it can increase your firing rate, give you a faster cooldown on abilities, and more.

    However, much like a roguelite, if you die/fail to complete your objection, you are forced to start from the beginning and you lose all enhancements. That said, the enhancements you earned are converted to points which you can use to install permanent upgrades to health and more. Check out the trailer below for more details:

    Lastly, Splatoon 3 Side Order will release on February 22. The game’s next season, “Fresh Season,” will begin a week later on March 1. Stay tuned for more updates to Splatoon 3 in the coming weeks and months.

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