Honkai: Star Rail Active Codes for February 2024

    Many free rewards are up for grabs heading into Penacony.

    With over 100 million downloads worldwide, it’s safe to say the hype for Honkai: Star Rail is mounting before the launch of Version 2.0. To celebrate, HoYoverse released several active Honkai: Star Rail promo codes that fans may redeem during the month of February 2024.

    However, Honkai: Star Rail players must act fast since these promo codes will expire before the end of the month. It would be wise to redeem them before or shortly after the launch of Honkai: Star Rail Version 2.0 on February 6. Players may redeem these codes quickly within the game or through HoYoverse’s gift website. 

    Honkai: Star Rail February 2024 Active Codes

    Honkai Star Rail Version 2.0

    Players may redeem active promo codes in Honkai: Star Rail during the month of February 2024 to earn free rewards like Stellar Jades and Credits.

    Here are the active promo codes:

    • ZA9674JSAUPF – 100 Stellar Jades and 50,000 Credits
    • 3S9N65KTBD63 – 100 Stellar Jades and 5 Traveler’s Guide
    • 6T96N52TADN7 – 100 Stellar Jades and 4 Refined Aether
    • 0206PENACONY – 5,000 Credits and 2 Steamed Puffergoat Milk
    • 0206GRANDOPEN – 5,000 Credits and 2 Bottled Soda
    • DIVEINTODREAMS – 5,000 Credits and 2 Bottled Soda
    • VEGASHSR – 5,000 Credits and 2 Sweet Dreams Soda
    • NB9TKRMK5R23 – 50 Stellar Jades and 10,000 Credits
    • 2AQA294J5R37 – 50 Stellar Jades and 10,000 Credits
    • HSRGALAXY23 – 4 Traveler’s Guide, 3 Refined Aether, 5 Hypnotic Hammer, and 20,000 Credits

    The STARRAILGIFT code is still active for new Honkai: Star Rail players! Redeeming this code grants 50 Stellar Jades, 2 Traveler’s Guide, 5 Bottled Soda, and 10,000 Credits. 

    How to Redeem Codes

    To redeem a code within the Honkai: Star Rail game, players should open the in-game phone and access the Trailblazer Profile. A “Redemption Code” button will be available, allowing players to manually input the code. This method is only available in the PC version. The quickest way to redeem these codes are through the Honkai: Star Rail gift website, however.

    Honkai: Star Rail players should log into their HoYoverse account and head to Once logged in, enter the Server and select the character linked to the HoYoverse account. Thankfully, it’s just a matter of copy and pasting codes and redeeming them at this point.

    Lastly, Honkai: Star Rail is available now for Android, iOS, PlayStation 5, and PC via Epic Games Store. 

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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