Tekken 8 Steam Deck Guide: Performance, Updates, Best Settings

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    Are you planning on taking Tekken 8 with you wherever you go? It is somewhat possible, but it might not be a smooth experience by default. Here’s everything you need to know when playing Tekken 8 on the Steam Deck

    Tekken 8 Steam Deck Performance

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    Like most fighting games, Tekken 8 requires a constant 60 FPS to run properly. As this is a considerably more technically demanding title in comparison to its predecessor, some significant visual sacrifices will be necessary. Basically, don’t expect to be playing this game at the Steam Deck’s native resolution. 

    It is highly recommended to use an upscaling method to preserve image quality as much as possible. In fact, the game can still look rather decent when utilizing TSR at approximately a 60% rendering scale. To ensure the best performance, set everything to low except textures, which can remain high. If you aren’t satisfied with the look of the game, you may want to set the shadow and post-processing quality to medium.

    Additionally, some stages appear to be more demanding than others. While many can run with consistent performance, some stages seem to drop below 60 FPS at certain points. It probably won’t be enough to ruin the experience for an average user, but it does suggest that Tekken 8 should only be enjoyed casually on a Steam Deck. 

    Crashing Issues and Other Info

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    Many players report that they receive a “Fatal Error” when booting the game on the Steam Deck. Fortunately, if you are having this problem, there is an easy fix. By going to the game’s properties in Steam, you will need to navigate to “Compatibility” and select either “Proton Hot Fix” or “Proton Experimental”. Either of these should get rid of the problem.

    Overall, the Steam Deck is a solid way to practice Tekken 8 and enjoy its single-player content. That being said, if you do have access to other platforms, it may not be the ideal choice. However, for a game that is only available on current-generation hardware, it’s impressive the Steam Deck can run Tekken 8 as well as it can. 

    For more guides, be sure to check Final Weapon! If you haven’t already purchased the game, Tekken 8 is currently available for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam. 

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