PlayStation 2023 Wrap-Up Feature is Now Live

    See all the games you've played this past year.

    PlayStation has launched their 2023 Wrap-Up feature. The wrap-up goes through player’s yearly statistics and creates graphics based on several categories. Examples include “hours spent playing on the PlayStation 4/5”, “gaming style,” “number of trophies earned,” and more.

    PlayStation first introduced their wrap-up program in 2021. The wrap-up is inspired by Spotify’s Wrapped initiative that overviews similar categories. The feature will be available on the PlayStation Wrap-Up website from now until January 12.

    PlayStation 2023 Wrap-Up Details

    PlayStation 2023 Wrap-Up Details

    The PlayStation 2023 Wrap-Up is available now for players to look over on the program’s official website. They will be able to look over their major statistics for the year, including how many games they’ve played and how many trophies they’ve earned. They will also see which game they spent the most hours in and their gaming style. Lastly, players will also be able to see how many hours they played in total and their social style. An example of how the metric will look is available above.

    The PlayStation Blog has more information about the Wrap-Up:

    Starting today through January 12, 2024, as a PS4 or PS5 player you can access and share your PlayStation 2023 Wrap-Up experience, which summarizes your achievements for the year, such as top games played, trophies earned, a breakdown of your monthly gaming stats, along with your personalized gaming style. Your 2023 Wrap-Up experiences will continue to update through the end of 2023, so be sure to check back again by January 12 for your full year summary.

    New this year for the 2023 Wrap-Up experience, you can access and share a range of digital cards highlighting your top gaming stats. You can also redeem a unique avatar as well as a PlayStation Stars digital collectible featuring a Marvel’s Spider-Man Spider-Bot as part of your 2023 Wrap-Up experience.

    Many players will see a variety of different games on their list. PlayStation owners will likely see the likes of Final Fantasy XVI, Resident Evil 4 Remake, Spider-Man 2, Baldur’s Gate 3, and Alan Wake 2. All the games mentioned above are available now on the PlayStation 5.

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