Super Nintendo World Donkey Kong Country Expansion Opening Spring 2024

    Opening in Japan first.

    Nintendo and Universal has announced that a Donkey Kong Country themed expansion will be coming to Super Nintendo World Japan in spring 2024. It is unknown when the area will open at the Universal Hollywood location. 

    Universal initially opened the Super Nintendo World park in Japan in 2021. They opened the park in Universal Studios Hollywood earlier this year. Super Nintendo World features several areas dedicated to the Mario universe and by extension, Mario Kart. The next major expansion will be based on the Donkey Kong Country franchise. 

    Donkey Kong is Coming to Super Nintendo World 

    Super Nintendo World Donkey Kong Country Expansion Opening in Spring

    During a press event, Universal Studios Japan’s President and CEO, J.L. Bonnier revealed that a Donkey Kong Country expansion will be coming to Super Nintendo World Japan. The expansion will open in Spring 2024. The park will expand by 70% of its original size. At the time of writing, only one ride has been officially announced: “Mine-Cart Madness.” The ride is described as being a “first-of-its-kind thrilling family coaster,” and will “seemingly jump across gaps in the track and perform other stunts from the Donkey Kong Country games.”

    J.L. Bonnier spoke more about the new area during the event, stating:

    “Thanks to the strong partnership with Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto and the many talented people at Nintendo, we are confident DONKEY KONG COUNTRY will deliver an amazing, one-of-a-kind Donkey Kong experience to fans across the globe. Through the collaboration between Nintendo, Universal Destinations & Experiences and Universal Studios Japan, we are preparing a theme park experience that will once again awe the world. I look forward to the day we can bring these newly enhanced experiences to all.”

    The Donkey Kong Country expansion will open in Universal Studios/Super Nintendo World Japan in spring 2024. It is currently unknown when the park will be open in Universal Studios Hollywood. Universal and Nintendo will likely reveal more details in the coming months. 

    Saras Rajpal
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