How to Play the Neutral Game in Naruto x Boruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm Connections

    Be the defensive wall that you were meant to be!

    The moment you start a match in a fighting game, both characters stand a reasonable distance apart from each other. To clarify, this phase of the game is known as neutral. In this phase, no players are getting hit or pressured. The goal of both players in this stage of the game is to get a hit or start pressure on the other player. This same concept applies to Naruto x Boruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm Connections. To excel in Naruto Storm Connections’ neutral game, you must know your opponent’s approach options. Indeed, do not let the opponent get in your face and start attacking you. This guide will review all the characters’ general approach options and see how to deal with them. Without further ado, let’s get started!

    Naruto Storm Connections‘ Neutral Game – Chakra Dashing

    Naruto chakra dashing at Sasuke in the neutral game of Naruto Storm Connections

    One of the most common things players will do to approach you is chakra dashing. If it hits the opponent, the user can start a combo afterward. However, this tool has its challenges. You can react to a chakra dash and beat it using the counter mechanic. Because you can start a combo after countering them, this will make players think twice before chakra dashing at you.

    Keep in mind that the opponent can also cancel their chakra dash. Canceling chakra dashes is effective because if you try to counter their chakra dash, they can stop in front of you. They can prevent your counter from hitting by halting the chakra dash in front of your face. Stopping the chakra dash before you allow them to punish your counter. To beat this, grab them because they will block in front of your face.

    Throwing Out Projectiles

    Deidara throwing out his projectiles against Sasuke in the neutral game of Naruto Storm Connections

    While this isn’t an approach option, you will encounter many projectile-based characters. All they will do is use their projectiles to keep you away from them. To beat this, you can keep ninja moving sideways. Ninja moving will avoid all projectiles and assists from the opponent, prompting the projectile-user to approach you eventually.

    This ninja movement is an excellent strategy if you have more health than the opponent. The opponent would have no choice but to approach you due to the timer going down. If the clock goes to zero, the healthier person wins the match.

    Covering Approaches

    The switch tech occuring in the neutral game of Naruto Storm Connections

    Finally, the switch tech is the third option players will use in neutral. This mechanic allows a player to cover their approach safely. By chakra dashing first, then switching to another character, you can chakra dash and stop in front of the opponent. The first character that you chakra dashed with will hit the opponent’s block. Your new character can then chakra dash and stop before the opponent to apply pressure. You will see people do this a lot to start an offense safely.

    To beat this, substitute the first character’s chakra dash, then do either an air jutsu or chakra dash later. The air chakra dash or jutsu deals with the next character’s chakra dash. These options prevent pressure and put you in a favorable situation. 

    Extra Advice on the Naruto Storm Connections‘ Neutral Game

    Keeping a calm mind when playing the neutral game in any fighting game is essential. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed, but you will become comfortable by understanding how to play the neutral game. If you want to learn more Naruto Storm Connections tips, read this guide here to further your knowledge!

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