5 Tips to Improve in Naruto x Boruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm Connections

    Don't walk into a battle without having these tips down!

    Naruto x Boruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm Connections launched recently, and players are surging into the battlefield. Many fighters eagerly await matches but need more fundamentals to win. Don’t worry, though, because I will teach you the five essential tips for improving in Naruto Storm Connections. Reading this guide will equip you with information that will significantly benefit you.

    Naruto x Boruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm Connections Tips – Beat Chakra Dashes Using the “Counter” Mechanic

    Naruto about to use the "counter" mechanic to beat Sasuke's chakra dash. Beating chakra dash with counters is one of the best Naruto Storm Connections tips you can get. Our review mentions one of the significant changes to Naruto Storm Connections: the “counter” mechanic allows combos. In previous iterations, this mechanic would only push away the opponent, preventing you from punishing them for attacking. Now that you can combo after a counter, your enemy should think twice before attacking.

    A common thing you’ll see in Naruto Storm games is the opponent chakra dashing at you from a distance. Naruto Storm players commonly use this approach option, so utilize the “counter” mechanic against it. Once you counter them, use a great combo afterward! But what combo should you use?

    Learn Your Infinite Combos

    Naruto did a part of his autocombo that left Sasuke in a crumpled state. Finding infinite combos for your character is one of the best Naruto Storm Connections tips. The Naruto Storm games have many cool combos, but being aware of the key ones is essential. When your opponent’s substitution meter is empty, you should take advantage of it as much as possible. You take advantage of this by using infinite combos. To locate a character’s infinite combo, first find which hit of their auto-combo leaves the opponent “crumpled.” You test this by hitting the auto-combo slowly to see where the crumpled state occurs. The crumpled foe will fall to their knees and collapse. Knowing that a unique sound effect will happen when they crumple is essential, so be aware.

    Once the opponent crumples, you run up to them and repeat the same combo. Because it loops into itself, it is an infinite combo. Combos are fantastic, but what happens when you’re fighting an enemy that has their substitution ready?

    Get the Hang of Substitution Jutsu Counters

    Sasuke used substitution against Naruto's attack. Learning how to beat this tactic is one of the key Naruto Storm Connections tips. In the Naruto Storm games, you can teleport out of the opponent’s combos at any point by doing substitution jutsu. As the person doing the combo, you must figure out when the opponent likes to substitute out of them. Remember that most people want to attack after substituting to surprise you. Once you discover when they want to substitute, chakra dash at the time you think they will teleport. This works because chakra dashing beats attacks, thus interrupting the opponent. This strategy has worked throughout the Naruto Storm games and remains effective in this one. 

    Remember that opponents can do many things after they substitute to beat your chakra dash. They can chakra dash back, use an armored jutsu, and guard. See what your options are against these different things in training mode. When you fight an opponent later, see what they like to do after substituting. Whatever they want to do, you’ll have an answer at that point, thanks to your training mode work!

    Speaking of substitution, you need to know to save them!

    Learn How to Deal With the Opponent’s Offense

    This is the substitution bar of the game. Learning how to manage this meter is one of the key Naruto Storm Connections tips.

    When you take damage in Naruto Storm Connections, it can be terrifying. The urge to use substitutions after an attack makes sense, but you must learn to use it wisely. You only get 4 bars, and that’s a little. Substituting every hit will cause you to take even more damage. Instead, change up the timings when you substitute. Diversify your substitutes to keep the opponent guessing. The last thing you want to do when playing any fighting game is be predictable. So, make sure to keep the opponent on their toes.

    You also want to see what the opponent likes to do once you substitute. Most people like to chakra dash back at you when you substitute. You can do a counter or jutsu when they do this. Don’t let them get away with chakra dashing back at you!

    But why put yourself in a situation where you must substitute when you can evade attacks?

    Practice Movement

    In fighting games, movement is a very important fundamental. By using your movement options, you can make attacks whiff and punish them. In Naruto Storm Connections, you can jump, double jump, and ninja move away. Movement is significant in this game because breaking your guard can happen quickly. So why try to block an attack when you can avoid it? This advice will help you not just in this game but also in many other fighting games. Whether you’re in the arena of 2D or 3D fighters, the ability to master movement will consistently elevate your gameplay.

    Essentially, don’t just consider movement as a means to traverse the battleground. It’s also a way to shape the ebb and flow of combat. Whiff punishing attacks transform you into a formidable force capable of dictating the pace and outcome of each confrontation.

    Keep Practicing with These Naruto x Boruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm Connections Tips

    With so many characters in the roster, it might feel overwhelming to a newer player. With this article, these tips will be helpful to your growth. Improving at Naruto Storm Connections will take time, but you will see yourself beating strong players in due time!

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