Multiversus Reveals Joker in New Trailer

    Your favorite Batman villain is here!

    Warner Bros. Games revealed that Batman’s arch-enemy, Joker, is arriving to the MultiVersus roster at launch. To commemorate the announcement, the developers released a teaser trailer showcasing Batman and Joker standing off against each other.

    Additionally, Warner Bros. Games confirmed that Joker’s gameplay trailer will release on May 13. Joker is a mage that is equipped with a crowbar, card projectile, and rocket launcher. Both the crowbar and rocket launcher are chargeable, while the card projectile cycles through three various effects.

    The Evil Maniac, Joker, Is Coming to MultiVersus

    Watch the Joker trailer below, via Warner Bros. Games:

    While fans speculate that Mark Hamill is voicing Joker, Warner Bros. Games has made no official confirmation. The voice actor sounds very similar to Hamill, so it could be possible. Regardless, stay tuned for whenver Warner Bros. Games makes the official announcement.

    MultiVersus is a free-to-play platform fighter featuring an all-star cast of iconic characters. It invites players into an expansive universe where iconic characters from different realms collide. In this free-to-play game, players can engage in intense 2v2 battles, choosing from many characters like Batman, Shaggy, LeBron James, and Rick and Morty.

    Moreover, each character has unique abilities that dynamically complement one another. There are also maps for each character, such as Batman’s Batcave and the Treefort of Jake and Finn. Furthermore, MultiVersus offers a variety of play modes, including 1v1 duels and a 4-Player Free For All. Also, check out the parry mechanic that Warner Bros. Games revealed last month. You can parry in the air and on the ground against attacks. After parrying an attack, you can freely attack back with a powerful attack or start a combo. 

    MultiVersus will release on May 28 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC via Steam and Epic Games Store.

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