Naruto Live-Action Movie is Still in the Works

    Tasha Huo is the movie's scriptwriter.

    After five years of silence, Lionsgate’s upcoming live-action Naruto movie is still in the works with a new hire on the team. A recent significant addition to the film’s staff has made people aware that the film is still alive.

    Lionsgate announced five years ago that Michael Gracey would direct the film, with Avi Arad being the producer. There hasn’t been any news on the movie ever since, causing fans to question its status. Fortunately, more news has finally arrived as 2023 nears its end.

    Behind the Makers of the Naruto Live-Action Movie

    Variety has released new information that reveals the progress of the Naruto movie. In their “Top Ten Screenwriters of 2023” article, they mentioned that Tasha Huo is the scriptwriter for the film. 

    A portrait photograph of Tasha Huo, scriptwriter for the live action Naruto movie
    Tasha Huo

    Tasha Huo is currently writing scripts for several media, such as Netflix’s upcoming Tomb Raider: The Legend of Lara Croft. She also wrote the script for 2022’s The Witcher: Blood Origin and is doing the same for 2024’s Red Sonja comic book film.

    Producer Avi Arad has done work on Spider-Man: Beyond The Spider-Verse and 2004’s critically acclaimed Spider-Man 2. On the other hand, Michael Gracey has directed films such as The Greatest Showman and P!nk: Walk Me Home

    The Naruto anime series is celebrating its 20th anniversary, but it may be too soon for a new trailer. However, with the current trend of live-action adaptations being prominent, a new trailer would not be out of the question in the next few years.

    The addition of scriptwriter Tasha Huo adds a new layer to the production of the new Naruto live-action movie. The film potentially offers enthusiasts their initial visual encounter with the cinematic rendition of the world of Naruto. Against the backdrop of anniversary festivities and guided by the expertise of a seasoned scriptwriter, the journey toward the live-action adaptation of Naruto remains an awaited cinematic endeavor for fans worldwide. Here at Final Weapon, we will continue to provide more information on the film when more reveals happen.


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