Stellar Blade to Be Published by Sony in Partner Agreement

    Upcoming action-adventure game Stellar Blade will be distributed and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment as developer Shift Up enters a second-party partner agreement, according to Korean gaming outlet Game Chosun. Shift Up will be Sony’s first second-party partner in South Korea.

    In Stellar Blade, Paratrooper Eve fights to reclaim the Earth for humanity after NA:tive, a strange race of creatures, ravaged much of the land. The remaining vestiges of the human race fled to a Colony in outer space to recoup and prepare for their most important mission. As Eve, players will slash their way through enemies with an enticing progression system that gives her more powerful combos and moves. 

    Stellar Blade and Sony Agreement

    Worldwide audiences will be able to experience Stellar Blade on PlayStation 5 when it releases according to Game Chosun. As a second-party partner, Shift Up’s new title will be published by Sony and likely receive a major marketing push. A release date has not been announced, however.

    Lastly, here’s an overview of the game’s features, via the PlayStation Store

    A thrilling slice of razor-sharp action

    Engage in blisteringly fast combat as you slash a path through the remnants of Earth, facing epic boss encounters that will challenge both brain and brawn in equal measure.

    Unleash graceful yet brutal attacking combos and unlock new moves as you progress, with customizable skills based on your play style. Upgrade Eve’s weapons to boost your chances as each boss battle becomes progressively more demanding.

    An incredible visual experience

    Become immersed in a highly detailed post-apocalyptic world that blends beauty and horror to spectacular effect.

    Explore breathtaking science fiction-inspired environments as the characters and creations of renowned Korean artist and Shift Up studio director Kim Hyung Tae are brought to life, via the graphical power of PlayStation 5.

    A deep, unforgettable adventure

    Discover an enthralling narrative filled with mature themes, mystery and revelation. Embrace the relentless pace, with no time to pause between moments where critical, story-changing decisions are made.

    Eve’s belief in her mission is absolute. But as she destroys her enemies with ruthless power while at the same time forming close-knit bonds with the few friends that have got her back, she’ll ultimately be asked questions about what it truly means to be human.

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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