Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter 4 Review – Things Just Got Worse

    Scary for the ninja world, exciting for the readers

    The recent Boruto Two Blue Vortex chapters have been an absolute rollercoaster! Since Boruto’s sudden and mysterious appearance in chapter 1, each chapter reveals shocking surprises. It is captivating to see older characters again and learn new story developments! Boruto Two Blue Vortex chapter 4 continues this tradition in many ways.

    In the previous chapter, Boruto reveals his secret technique against Code while giving him multiple warnings to surrender Ten Tails. Code manages to escape to Ten Tails’ location, but Boruto tracks him down with the help of his toad acquaintances. However, this is where things go in a terrifying direction. 

    Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter 4 – Ten Tails Dissapeared??

    This chapter starts with Boruto using Flying Raijin Jutsu to teleport to Code. Boruto using that jutsu was exciting because it belonged to the fourth Hokage! For people who don’t know, the fourth Hokage is Boruto’s grandfather, Minato Namikaze. I don’t believe we’ve ever seen Boruto mention his grandfather throughout the series, so this was a nice touch!

    After Boruto appears at Code’s location, they both notice that Ten Tails is not in its cave anymore. The toad mentions that Code could not have hidden the beast, so things started getting suspicious. But all three of them were not ready for what would happen next.

    Claw Grimes Turning Into Divine Trees??

    When Boruto turned around, he saw a Claw Grime sitting beside them. Most importantly, what was interesting was Code’s reaction to this figure. Code felt this creature resembled Bug, a Kara member who turned into a tree after a Claw Grime ate him. However, Boruto tells Code that the creature before them is a divine tree. Understandably, this confuses Code because divine trees are literal trees born from Ten Tails. But this appears to be a Claw Grime that turned into a humanoid divine tree. Boruto later implies that everyone turned into a tree by a Claw Grime has become a humanoid divine tree. 

    Shortly after this, another humanoid divine tree appears before them. It explains that their “driving instinct” was to siphon chakra out of all beings and form a chakra fruit. This is no longer the goal of the new species of divine trees. While not elaborating further, they thank Code for strengthening them. Because of this, the Claw Grimes have evolved and become more self-aware. This evolution might have been what Boruto warned Code about in Chapter 2 regarding the enhancements.

    A couple more divine trees appear, but one resembles Sasuke. Make sure to keep this in mind for later!

    The Future That Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter 4 Hints At

    The scene goes to Sarada, Kawaki, and Hokage Shikamaru talking about the current events. Sarada and Kawaki argue with each other about Boruto, but Shikamaru puts a stop to it and asks for explanations. Sarada explains to Shikamaru that Boruto knows something about the state of the world that they don’t. Boruto wants to defeat Code as much as Konoha does, so Sarada says both parties should collaborate. Teaming up would eliminate a threat and get more information out of Boruto.

    It then switches back to Boruto fighting against the humanoid divine tree resembling Sasuke. It throws out an attack that looks like Sasuke’s chidori, but Boruto uses rasengan to clash against it. However, one of the divine trees traps Boruto, and Code uses this as an opportunity to escape. Boruto also departs, and one of the divine trees says that their self-awareness awakened overflowing curiosity and thirst for knowledge. This recent awakening interests them more than devouring Boruto, so seeing where this takes them should be interesting. Could these self-aware divine trees be looking to create an army of powerful Claw Grimes?

    Kashin Koji Helping Boruto??

    Finally, we see Boruto sitting in front of a tree with a hooded figure walking behind him. This person turns out to be Kashin Koji! Kashin tells Boruto not to be careless, as the divine trees could have devoured him. Boruto apologizes, and Kashin reminds him they are still fighting despite how bad things have turned out. Boruto apologizes again, but this time, he looks up and says, “You’ll have to wait a bit longer, Sasuke.” The image shows the tree behind Boruto, and it’s Sasuke in the tree!

    Remember the humanoid divine tree that looked like Sasuke? It seems a Claw Grime ate Sasuke and turned him into a tree as well as a humanoid divine tree! Could this be why Boruto was trying to fight against that Sasuke figure? If Boruto defeated it, Sasuke possibly could have been freed from that tree. But because Boruto didn’t beat it, Sasuke has to wait a little longer to get out of that tree.

    Chapter 4 Overall Thoughts

    From beginning to end, this chapter was phenomenal! It amazingly sets the stage for the current climate of the ninja world, with new villains introduced and potential allies. Maybe Code will help Konoha stop the divine trees if things worsen! Perhaps Sarada can get the rest of Konoha to team up with Boruto! There’s so much that you can imagine and theorize that it gets people talking.

    Boruto Two Blue Vortex chapter 4 is finished, but you can expect chapter 5 to be released next month! Catch it with VIZ Media on December 20 at 11:00 a.m. EDT / December 21 at 12:00 a.m. JST. Don’t miss out!

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