Koi-Koi: Love Blossoms Releasing on November 15

    The new romance adventure game will be available on both the PS5 and PSVR2.

    Apricot Heart has announced that the romantic adventure game Koi-Koi: Love Blossoms will release on November 15. The game will be available on the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation VR2

    Apricot Heart initially released Koi-Koi: Love Blossoms on PC via Steam back in 2022. Before that, they had worked on PlayStation’s old PlayStation Home service in 2012. The upcoming release will mark the company’s return to the PlayStation system for the first time in eleven years. 

    Koi-Koi: Love Blossoms Releasing Next Wednesday

    Koi-Koi: Love Blossoms Screenshot

    Koi-Koi: Love Blossoms is a dating simulator that supports both normal controller play and a virtual reality mode. It will be compatible both with and without the PlayStation VR2. It supports a sitting VR mode along with the PlayStation VR2 sense controllers. Both the VR mode and non-VR mode will be available alongside the game’s release at no additional cost. The PlayStation Store page has more information about the upcoming release:

    Tokoharu Ko-Koi Hot Spring is a popular and secluded hot spring inn. There, the protagonist reunites with sisters who are his childhood friends. The two heroines, Koume and Sakura, are now grown up but still have traces of their childhood. Now, it is up to you as the prospective heir of the hot spring inn to decide which of the two heroines you will fall in love with, or maybe both of them.

    Koi-Koi: Love Blossoms does not require PlayStation VR2, but Koi-Koi: Love Blossoms VR is content that requires PlayStation VR2.

    Check out the trailer for the upcoming release below:

    A Japanese version of the trailer is also available below:

    PlayStation initially released the VR2 in February 2023. The hardware is available for $549.99. The upcoming release of Koi-Koi: Love Blossoms is one of many games that are now available on the system that support the new virtual reality headset. Lastly, Koi-Koi: Love Blossoms will be available on the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation VR2 on November 15.

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