Atari Acquires Digital Eclipse

    Another acquisition as part of Atari's fiftieth anniversary.

    Atari has announced that they have entered into an agreement to acquire the California-based studio Digital Eclipse as of this week. The announcement comes from a press release courtesy of both companies.

    Digital Eclipse is known for its work on restoring older titles and compiling them into collections. Examples include the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Cowabunga Collection, and most recently, Atari 50: The Anniversary Collection. Earlier this year, Atari also acquired Nightdive Studio, another company known for restoring older titles.

    The Acquisition of Digital Eclipse As of This Week

    Atari 50: Anniversary Collection

    Atari officially confirmed the news in a press release published via GlobeNewswire. In it, they state the following:

    The acquisition of Digital Eclipse will allow Atari to expand its internal development capabilities and utilize Digital Eclipse’s industry-leading experience and proprietary technology. In joining Atari, Digital Eclipse will grow its business and capabilities by expanding its development capacity and access to world-class IP and will leverage Atari’s management expertise.

    By adding Digital Eclipse, along with Nightdive Studios in May 2023, Atari will be able to further support its retro-focused growth strategy.

    In a separate Q&A, Digital Eclipse talked about what the acquisition means for the company. They will still be able to work on other IPs, not just ones that belong to Atari. Further, in regards to what the acquisition means for their documentaries, the Gold Master Series, they stated the following:

    The Gold Master Series will remain focused on telling gaming history’s most important stories through the interactive documentary format, regardless of the past or present holder of the intellectual property in question. Following the release of The Making of Karateka, Atari wants to see this important series continue to succeed, and is placing no restrictions on us as we plan for the future of the Gold Master Series.

    Lastly, Atari and Digital Eclipse will reveal more information about the latter’s lineup in the coming months.

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    Saras Rajpal
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