404 GAME RE:SET Ending Service on January 5

    The end of a (one-year long) era.

    SEGA has announced that 404 GAME RE:SET will be ending service on January 5 after less than a year of service. The announcement comes a few weeks before its Version 1.4.0 update.

    SEGA initially launched 404 GAME RE:SET in April 2023. In May 2023, the game surpassed one million downloads. However, the game will be playable offline despite online support officially ending after January. 

    404 GAME RE:SET Ending Online Service

    404 Game Re:Set Screenshot

    After less than a year of service, 404 GAME RE:SET‘s online servers will go offline on January 5. Update 1.4.0 will add an offline feature allowing players to download their saves between December 13 and January 5 for offline play. In a statement, SEGA stated that they have come to the “conclusion that it will be difficult to provide users satisfactory service going forward, so we have decided to end service.”

    404 GAME RE:SET is still available on the App Store and Google Play Store. Here’s an overview of the mobile RPG, translated by Gematsu:


    Video games turned everything upside down.

    This is a world by SEGA, for SEGA.

    From infrastructure to entertainment, SEGA reigns supreme in all areas. The player, who lives in this world, one day encounters a mysterious being called “X.”

    “The world you live in is not as it should be.”

    The player, who learned that this world has been warped by SEGA, must throw themselves into a battle with SEGA in order restore the world to its true form.

    A Cast of Beauties Themed After Legendary SEGA Games
    Featuring a World-Famous Game Creator and Illustrator

    World famous game creator Yoko Taro’s rebranding of legendary SEGA games’ stories, and popular illustrator Yuugen’s beautiful girl character designs are what bring life to the unique world of 404 GAME RE:SET.

    404 GAME RE:SET will end service on January 5.

    Saras Rajpal
    Saras Rajpal
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