Nintendo Job Listing Mentions “Integration of Machine Learning Technologies on Low-Power Embedded Platforms”

    Could this be confirmation for DLSS on the next-generation Switch?

    Spotted by Doctre81, a new Nintendo job listing for Data Engineer has some specific mentions about machine learning technologies. In particular, the company is searching for an individual who can assist with “integration of machine learning technologies on low-power embedded platforms”. 

    Nintendo Job Listing for Machine Learning Could Hint at DLSS Integration for Next-Gen Switch

    This information lines up with what has previously been reported about the company’s next system. It is alleged that the Switch successor will feature NVIDIA’s DLSS technology to upscale content. In short, this allows games to run at lower resolutions while machine learning algorithms upscale them to higher resolutions like 4K. You can take a look at the job description below:

    “We at Nintendo are looking for a Data Engineer to help with integration of machine learning technologies on low-power embedded platforms. You will be working at the intersection of machine learning inference engines and embedded systems, facing challenges that stem from processing and memory constraints and a power budget. Tasks include, but are not limited to, porting of machine learning frameworks to embedded platforms, evaluation and benchmarking of machine learning hardware solutions, selection and optimization of machine learning models to fit power, memory, and CPU budgets.”
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    The rumors of DLSS on the next Nintendo Switch have been around for years now. We previously reported on rumors dating back to 2020, where Doctre81 spotted NVIDIA job listings for DLSS and Tegra integrations
    While there have been conflicting reports on whether the version of DLSS will be 2.2 or 3.5, the fact remains it will be bundled with Nintendo’s next console. An upgraded Nintendo Switch model with the power of NVIDIA’s DLSS will be capable of much more than the current Switch models. Players can expect improved frame rates, resolutions, and more. Nintendo has yet to comment on the next-gen rumors floating about, but we’ll be sure to keep you updated with more on their next console. 
    Noah Hunter
    Noah Hunter
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