Baten Kaitos II HD – Sagi Weapons Magnus

    There are over 600 Magnus cards to collect! From gear to items and more, there are loads of these things to nab! Some are useful, and some are things like quests. Use this guide to help you obtain all of the Sagi Weapons Magnus in Baten Kaitos II!

    What Are Magnus?

    In the Baten Kaitos games, Magnus are cards that can store items and essences. This makes carrying a lot of items a cinch and adds a lot of aesthetic flavor to these unique RPGs. These mysterious cards are the crux of the battle system and are also deeply tied to the RPG mechanics.

    How to Use Magnus

    Since Magnus are essentially cards, you must play them. “But how can I play a card without making a deck of cards?” Oh! You seem to understand things already, dear reader! Yes, you must gather cards and make decks with them. There are a few restrictions to how many cards you can combo or put in a deck due to the RPG elements, but you can satisfyingly level all of that up in order to make better use of your cards!

    Some Magnus, however, are used like equipment or even act as quest items! Magnus can also evolve and change over time. Be sure to keep an eye out and pay attention. You’ll become a Magnus Master in no time!

    Sagi Weapons Magnus List

    • Punk Knife
      • starting equipment
      • dropped by Empire Grunt in Emperor’s Residence
    • Longsword
      • in chest in one of the cells in the sewers of Mintaka
      • buy in Mintaka (early)
    • Saber
      • buy in Sheratan or Nashira
      • get one saving the villagers at Botein Lake
    • Freesword
      • buy in Sheliak or use coupon in Sheliak or Nashira or in
        Mintaka (first trip back)
    • Marvelous Sword
      • defeat Giacomo #3 or trade Garm
    • Arondite
      • coupons in Vega or trade
      • defeat Valara for the last time at the Celestial Tree
    • Apocalypse Sword
      • defeat Black Dragon, Atria/Coliseum
      • trade with Garm
      • dropped by Hercules Dragon, Coliseum or Tarazed Core
    • Flame Sword
      • defeat Afterling in Emperor’s Residence
      • dropped by Devil Claws in Nihal Desert
      • buy Azha
    • Flametongue
      • chest in upper left room behind monster, Botein Lake
      • buy Naos
    • Sword of Thirst
      • defeat Afterling, Lava Caves
    • Kusanagi
      • chest in Nunki Valley
    • Efreeti Saber
      • chest in Zaurak (2nd trip – four ghosts walking around it)
      • trade with Garm
    • Prominence Sword
      • trade with Garm in Gemma Village or Lalune in Vega
      • defeat Baelheit, Tarazed
    • Laevateinn the Flameking
      • automatically receive after you see the White
        Dragon in Matar Highlands
    • Ice Dagger
      • buy in Rasalas (past), Mintaka, Sheratan
    • Crystal Edge
      • chest up cliff behind dead Sandfeeder (past)
      • buy in Naos
    • Aqua Truth
      • buy in Azha or Nashira
    • Sword of Tears
      • chest, far-right house, Nashira
      • dropped by Magician Mite, Cloud Passage
      • buy Pherkad, Cebalrai, or Komo Mai
    • Siren Sword
      • dropped by Valta in Holoholo Jungle
      • coupon in Komo Mai
    • Frozen Sword
      • trade with Garm or buy in Gemma
    • Flash Dagger
      • chest in Emperor’s Residence
      • buy in Rasalas or Mintaka (early)
      • dropped by Imperial Swordsman in Mintaka (when Sagi
        is trying to escape early in the game)
    • Thunderfish
      • buy or use coupon in Sheraton
      • buy Sheliak, Nashira, or Mintaka (first time back)
    • Glimmer
      • defeat Giacomo #2
      • use coupon in Pherkad
    • Jupiter Sword
      • chest in strategy room of Dark Service HQ (2nd time)
      • use coupon in Vega
      • trade Garm
    • Plasma Blade
      • chest in Zaurak (past)
    • Ray of Truth
      • one coupon in Mintaka gets two of these swords
      • dropped by Cloud Cancerite in Cloudvents
      • dropped by Gigim in Nihal Desert
      • buy in Cujam, Pherkad, or Opu
    • Apostolos
      • chest in Rodolfo’s office
      • trade with Garm
      • use coupon in Komo Mai
    • Ascalon
      • chest in Matar Heights
      • trade Altrithr
    • Murderous Joker
      • dropped by Shadow Claws in Cloudvents
      • trade with Farina
    • Ravensbrood
      • defeat Shanath
      • chest in strategy room of Dark Service HQ (2nd time)
    • Cutthroat Knife
      • UG Punk Knife + Yesterbean
    • Greatsword
      • UG Longsword + Stone
    • Sleepsword
      • UG Freesword + Fluffy Pillow
    • Victory Sword
      • UG Marvelous Sword + Boulder
    • Excalibur
      • UG Arondite + Celestial Tree
    • Longfire
      • UG Longsword + Blaze
    • Fire Saber
      • UG Saber + Blaze
    • Scorching Sword
      • UG Flame Sword + Machina Gas
    • Blaze Sword
      • UG Flame Sword + Blaze
    • Blazetongue
      • UG Flametongue + Machina Gas
    • Flametongue Rekindled
      • UG Flametongue + Blaze
    • Desert Moon
      • UG Sword of Thirst + Machina Gas
    • Parched Sword
      • UG Sword of Thirst + Blaze
    • Amenohabagiri
      • UG Kusanagi + Rotten Food
    • Efreeti Heart
      • UG Efreeti Saber + Blaze
    • Efreeti Blade
      • UG Efreeti Saber + Fireglow Stone
    • Fiery Apocalypse
      • UG Apocalypse Sword + Fireglow Stone
    • Sol Sword
      • UG Prominence Sword + Fireglow Stone
    • Helios Sword
      • UG Prominence Sword + Lava
    • Ice Soldier
      • UG Ice Dagger + Pristine Water
    • Ice Saber
      • UG Saber + Pristine Water
    • Crystalsword
      • UG Freesword + Pristine Water
    • Crystal Saber
      • UG Crystal Edge + Pristine Water
    • Aqua Brand
      • UG Aqua Truth + Pristine Water
    • Sword of Destiny
      • UG Sword of Tears + Pristine Water
    • Mermaid Sword
      • UG Siren Sword + Sparkling Snow
    • Silent Sword
      • UG Siren Sword + Fluffy Pillow
    • Icy Apocalypse
      • UG Apocalypse Sword + Sparkling Snow
    • Frozen Edge
      • UG Frozen Sword + Sparkling Snow
    • Thundersword
      • UG Freesword + Spark Shroom
    • Thunderfish Rex
      • UG Thunderfish + Jolt Shroom
    • Thunder Edge
      • UG Thunderfish + Spark Shroom
    • Thunderslash
      • UG Thunderfish + Machina Gas
    • Levinlight
      • UG Glimmer + Machina Gas
    • True Glimmer
      • UG Glimmer + Yesterbean
    • Galantyne
      • UG Arondite + Lightning Shroom
    • Jupiter’s Rage
      • UG Jupiter Sword + Machina Gas
    • Gaea Sword
      • UG Jupiter Sword + Lightning Shroom
    • Thunderous Apocalypse
      • UG Apocalypse Sword + Lightning Shroom
    • Coruscant Blade
      • UG Plasma Blade + Lightning Shroom
    • Rem Truth
      • UG Ray of Truth + Fluffy Pillow
    • El Truth
      • UG Ray of Truth + Light Powder
    • Galahad
      • UG Arondite + Light Powder
    • Apostolos Duo
      • UG Apostolos + Yesterbean
    • Divine Apocalypse
      • UG Apocalypse Sword + Light Powder
    • Dragonbuster
      • UG Ascalon + Yesterbean
    • Double Joker
      • UG Murderous Joker + Dark Powder
    • Murderous Soul
      • UG Murderous Joker + Soot Soup
    • Dark Apocalypse
      • UG Apocalypse Sword + Dark Powder
    • Ravensblood
      • UG Ravensbrood + Fluella Cooties

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