Naruto 20th Anniversary Anime Episodes Delayed

    The wait for Naruto's return is extended.

    Shueisha and Studio Pierrot announced that the four new episodes of the Naruto 20th anniversary anime have been delayed. Originally, the anime was supposed to premiere on September 3 to celebrate 20 years of the popular and highly successful anime series. 

    The Naruto 20th anniversary episodes were announced earlier this summer as a celebration of Naruto’s first airing in 2003. A poster was released depicting a young Naruto since the episodes will focus on Part 1, which takes place before the time-skip to Naruto Shippuden. Unfortunately, the wait will be a bit longer for the new anime episodes.

    Reasons for the Naruto 20th Anniversary Anime Being Delayed

    The official Naruto website confirms the postponement of the new 20th anniversary anime episodes. According to Shueisha, the Naruto 20th anniversary anime is being delayed in order to improve the quality of work and animation. The broadcasting schedule will be available on the website and other various social media platforms as soon as it’s decided on. Furthermore, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Masterpiece Selection would also be broadcast on September 3. Shueisha and Studio Pierrot apologize for the inconvenience and thank fans for their understanding while promising to meet their expectations.

    Although it’s not a great feeling when a highly anticipated show gets delayed, we should understand that the quality is paramount. Studio Pierrot has postponed the airing of the episodes to continue improving the animation and the quality of the episodes as a whole. This is a very valid reason as there’s a lot of hype surrounding these episodes. The expectations to deliver high quality episodes must be met. If you’re enjoying the quality of Bleach Thousand Year Blood Part 2 – The Separation, then you’re going to love the new episodes of Naruto as both will be animated by Pierrot. 

    Finally, further details about an international release, plot changes, and where the episodes will be available to stream were not revealed. It will probably be available either on Crunchyroll or Hulu.

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