TSURUGIHIME Reveals Blue TSURU-chan Illustrations

    Another look for the protagonist.

    213 Fahrenheit revealed new illustrations for TSURUGIHIME, a brand-new action RPG coming soon to PC via Steam. The illustrations highlight Blue TSURU-chan, a form for the protagonist of TSURUGIHIME

    In TSURUGIHIME, players explore a beautiful, 2D side-scrolling world where a major battle awaits in 100 days. The main goal is to “craft” and prepare for this decisive battle. A variety of customization features are available for TSURU-chan, her weapons and base, and Imouto (sister). 

    New TSURUGIHIME Illustrations

    In a new Steam blog post for TSURUGIHIME, 213 Fahrenheit revealed artwork for Blue TSURU-chan. This is a different form based on a certain “school of thought” for the protagonist. The developers note that the name of “TSURU-chan” is temporary, so it will like be different in the final release.

    The full blog post may be read below.

    Hello, this is the 213℉ development team.

    In the last issue #11, we introduced you Blue TSURU-chan (temporary), a form of TSURU-chan (temporary) with a different school of thought. This time, we would like to introduce how the design of Blue TSURU-chan (temporary) was created!


    First of all, here is the design of Blue TSURU-chan (temporary) again! We also lined up TSURU-chan (temporary) so that you can compare them.

    In addition to the different weapons and colors in their hands, there are differences between the two in various areas, such as their hairstyles and outfits.

    The most notable among them is the belly!

    If you look closely, you can see the difference in what looks like a mark! We wonder what it means.


    The back side of the character will also be designed. In “TSURUGIHIME”, the costume is damaged little by little as it takes damage, we also determine how the back of the character’s costume will be torn.


    Once the design is complete, a Chibi version will be designed as well. If the school changes, of course, we will still have to design each of them. Character designer KUROBOSHI KOUHAKU worked on each design.

    The length of the weapons stands out in this way! Of course, in the game, Blue TSURU-chan (temporary) will take advantage of the weapon’s long reach to perform actions. We will introduce the characteristics of these actions in the next article.

    Lastly, TSURUGIHIME launches in 2024 for PC via Steam worldwide.

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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