CyberConnect2 Osaka Studio Opens in Spring 2024

    Making exciting games with Fukuoka and Tokyo studios.

    CyberConnect2 CEO Hiroshi Matsuyama announced the company’s new Osaka studio will open in spring 2024. The CEO shared insight into CyberConnect2’s structural changes and revisions heading into the new year.

    CyberConnect2 Osaka Studio has a theme centered around “performance.” Matsuyama notes that the studio will establish a new video production team, and it will hire for all positions required in game development. The Fukuoka and Tokyo based studios will collaborate with the Osaka studio to produce the company’s games. After introducing Osaka Studio, Matsuyama announced several improvements to work furniture and equipment across the company. Additionally, CyberConnect2 will use a revised salary system. 

    The full message CyberConnect2 CEO Hiroshi Matsuyama is available below, via Gematsu:

    CyberConnect2 Structure Announcements – Osaka Studio

    Hello, this is Hiroshi Matsuyama, CEO of CyberConnect2.

    Company Structure Changes

    We have exciting changes to our company’s structure.

    First, we will open a new studio in Osaka, Japan. We expect it to launch in spring 2024.

    Each CyberConnect2 studio—CyberConnect2 Fukuoka (head office), CyberConnect2 Tokyo Studio, and CyberConnect2 Osaka Studio—has its own theme.

    • Fukuoka expresses our spirit. It’s where it all began and has the largest number of people.
    • Tokyo is focused on connections with others. From here, information is shared across the different studios.
    • Osaka‘s concept is “performance.” That’s why it will establish a new video production team. But that’s not all. We will hire all positions required for game development, such as game designers, artists, programmers, and sound engineers.

    Fukuoka, Tokyo, and Osaka will work together to create our games.

    Improved Working Environment

    Second, we have improved our working environment. All our works places now have standing desks. Now, with the latest equipment and an upgraded working environment, we’re ready to take on an even wider global gaming sphere.

    Revised Salary System

    Lastly, we have revised our salary system for recent graduates. After joining, the employee will be evaluated for an “Intermediate” salary, which is part of a two-tier structure.

    • Junior – Monthly salary from 321,000 yen
    • Intermediate – Monthly salary from 270,000 yen
    • (Your skills may add to your salary in either tier. For more details, see CyberConnect2’s official homepage.)

    New studio, expanded cooperation, improved environment, and a revised salary structure—we strive to develop games that customers around the globe will love.

    Don’t miss out on what’s next from CyberConnect2!

    Structure Changes Video

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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