Star Ocean: The Second Story R Announced, Launches November 2

    Return to the Star Ocean series in an impressive remake.

    Square Enix and developer Gemdrops have announced Star Ocean: The Second Story R, an HD remake of Star Ocean: The Second Story from the original PlayStation. The upcoming title will be available on November 2 for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC via Steam. 

    Star Ocean: The Second Story R is an in-depth remake with HD-2D-like visuals and impressive 3D environments. Federation officer Claude is stranded on an undeveloped planet after his mission takes a wrong turn. While stranded, Claude meets Rena, a young woman with mysterious and mystical powers. Play as Claude or Rena and make decisions that will ultimate impact the protagonists’ destinies in this faithful remake. Further, the remake includes voiceovers performed by members of the original cast.

    Previously, a leak on Square Enix’s official support page revealed a preliminary logo for a potential Star Ocean: The Second Story release. Speculation pointed toward a remaster of the original PlayStation title or a re-release of Star Ocean: Second Evolution. However, this speculation may be put to rest since the newly unveiled title is a full remake with new features and updated gameplay mechanics.

    Here’s an overview of the upcoming remake, via Nintendo:

    About Star Ocean: The Second Story R

    The highly acclaimed second installment in the Star Ocean series returns as a full remake rebuilt with charming 2.5D graphics combining 3D environments and 2D pixel characters.

    Experience an epic tale where Fantasy and Science Fiction collides as you get to know party members via the unique Private Actions system, grow their relationships and unlock a variety of different endings. Play as either Claude or Rena and make decisions that will impact your destiny.

    Enjoy thrilling, visually explosive and fast-paced action battles paired with deep skills and crafting systems to customize your party.


    Star Ocean: The Second Story R has been revitalized with a charming 2.5D aesthetic that combines beautiful 3D environments with nostalgic 2D pixel characters, offering players both a classic RPG and modern gameplay experience. Players can expect to find some of the original features that made the original release so memorable alongside brand-new gameplay features including fast-paced, real-time combat and battle mechanics to strategically defeat foes, customizable party progression with an array of skills, including Cooking, Art, Metalcraft, and more. Three new difficulty modes have also been introduced including “Earth” which provides a standard experience, “Galaxy” for those looking for a more satisfying challenge, and “Universe” for seasoned players looking to put their skills to the ultimate test.

    The epic story begins with Claude, a Federation officer, who finds himself transported to an undeveloped planet. While searching for a way home, an encounter with a girl named Rena draws them into a quest to save her people, just as an ancient prophecy foretold. Players will begin their adventure with either Claude or Rena, and depending on their choice, the perspectives and the allies’ players recruit will change. Players will get to know party members through the unique ‘Private Actions System’, which will allow them to grow relationships and unlock a variety of different endings.

    STAR OCEAN THE SECOND STORY R will launch with Japanese and English text and voiceover language support, with voiceovers performed by members of the original cast. Subtitle support for French, Italian, German, and Spanish will also be available via a software update at launch.

    Announcement Trailer

    Key Art

    Square Enix released the official key art for The Second Story R, seen below:

    The Second Story R Key art

    Star Ocean: The Second Story R Collector’s Edition

    Moreover, a Collector’s Edition will be sold for $199.99 exclusively through the Square Enix Store. Collector’s Edition contents include the Standard Edition, a goods box, original soundtrack, art book, and mini acrylic stand collection box. 

    Star Ocean: The Second Story R Collector's Edition
    Collector’s Edition

    Players who pre-order the physical or digital editions will receive the following digital bonus:

    • Pangalactic Federation Longsword
    • Forest Knuckles
    • Sunrise Ring
    • Set of recovery items (Mixed Berries x20 + Resurrection Potion x20)
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