Final Fantasy XVI: Where to Buy the PS5 Bundle

    A massive investment.

    Early on in development, Final Fantasy XVI was confirmed to have an official PS5 bundle. The bundle is set to release on June 22, 2023, the exact date Final Fantasy XVI will release. Here’s an overview of what the bundle will include, how much it’ll cost, and where best to buy it.

    What Does the Bundle Include?

    PlayStation 5


    The bundle includes the base PlayStation 5 with 825 GBs and the base version of Final Fantasy XVI. The game will also come with all of the pre-order bonuses. These include:

    • “Braveheart” Weapon
    • Gil-boost Accessory “Cait Sith Charm”
    • Exp-boost Accessory “Scholar’s Spectacles”

    No other editions of Final Fantasy XVI are included in the bundle. Check out this guide for more information about the different editions you can buy.

    How Much Does the Bundle Cost and Where to Purchase it?

    The Final Fantasy XVI PS5 bundle costs $559.99. There are a few retailers where it is still available.

    • Amazon
      • Currently still available for Pre-Order
    • Best Buy
      • Currently still available for Pre-Order
    • GameStop
      • Currently still available for Pre-Order
    • PlayStation Direct
      • Currently unavailable for Pre-Order

    Is the Final Fantasy XVI PS5 Bundle Worth It?

    If you haven’t bought a PlayStation 5 yet and have been waiting for Final Fantasy XVI to release, this is the perfect opportunity to grab a PS5. The bundle only costs $59.99 more than the base PlayStation 5, and several payment options through platforms such as PayPal will allow you to pay over time.

    However, if you already have a PlayStation 5, the bundle isn’t worth it. There are no custom designs unless you purchase the extra PS5 plates and FFXVI Controller, which means that both aesthetically and hardware-wise, there is no difference to the PlayStation 5 you already own. Therefore, if you already own a PS5, buying one of the editions mentioned above might be better.

    Final Fantasy XVI will release on June 22, 2023. Check out Final Weapon’s Final Fantasy XVI coverage in our Compendium, available here!

    Saras Rajpal
    Saras Rajpal
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