Five DLC Characters We Hope to See in Street Fighter 6

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    Street Fighter 6 has been a massive hit so far. The game has garnered one million sales, partly because of its incredible online and single-player content, as well as its varied cast of characters. From the heavy hitter Marisa to ninja-star Kimberly to regal JP, Street Fighter 6 has arguably the most unique cast in franchise history. And with new DLC characters already on the horizon, fans are wondering what other characters will make an appearance beyond the first year of content. Here are just a few characters I’d like to see make an appearance in Street Fighter 6.


    Sean Street Fighter 6

    Sean’s addition in Street Fighter 6 is a no-brainer. The character hasn’t made an actual appearance since Street Fighter 3rd Strike in 1999. Plus, the hip-hop and graffiti art style lends itself really well to the beloved Brazillian fighter. The game has already referenced him a few times in the arcade mode, and with Ken playing such a big role in the narrative of SF6 it stands to reason that it’s only a matter of time before we see one of the most beloved characters from Street Fighter 3.


    Sakura from Street Fighter V

    Sakura is another beloved character in the Street Fighter franchise. At first, she was one of the many characters that followed the typical school-girl cliche. She imitated Ryu’s style in a unique way that made her a different kind of shoto compared to characters like Ken and Ryu. However, in Street Fighter V, the character went through a massive design renovation. She got an actual job at an arcade, and she looked like an actual adult compared to her previous incarnations. She would be a great new addition to the Street Fighter 6 meta, as well as a unique design compared to the other female characters in the roster.


    Street Fighter IV Makoto

    In stark contrast to Sakura, Makoto is an absolute monster in combat. She implements a mix of martial arts and semi-grappling techniques to eviscerate her enemies within seconds. She’s a relatively underrated character in the franchise but still beloved by a select few. And like with Sean, she hasn’t been seen in the franchise in more than a decade. I think she’d be a fantastic addition to the roster and a great contrast to other heavy hitters like Marisa.


    Dudley in Street Fighter x Tekken

    With all the different character types in Street Fighter 6, like grapplers, bruisers, and trap characters, there aren’t a lot of boxer characters. Granted, one of the upcoming Street Fighter 6 characters, Ed, will follow this style. But besides him, I think Dudley would be a really cool addition to the roster. He fits the role of a gentleman boxer, which is a different sort of character compared to other mainstays in the franchise. His addition would provide a great new gameplay style for players to fall in love with. That, and it would be really fun to encounter him in the World Tour mode.


    Q in Street Fighter 3rd Strike

    Q is one of the strangest and most obscure characters in the entire franchise. Designed to look like a robot detective, he has a very unconventional fighting style compared to other 3rd Strike characters. He hasn’t been seen at all since his first appearance in 1999, but he’s been referenced a few times. Namely in the form of G, another strange character in Street Fighter V. In his trailer, he is revealed to have an alternate costume that looks eerily similar to Q’s design. Q or G for that matter would be a really fun DLC character in Street Fighter 6. He’d be a wild card in the narrative, the World Tour, and the gameplay meta of Street Fighter 6.

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