Is Street Fighter 6 Playable on Steam Deck?

    Take Street Fighter 6 with you anywhere you go.

    Are you enjoying Street Fighter 6 and want to play it on the go with the Steam Deck? Are you worried about the game’s currently “unknown” Steam Deck compatibility status? If you need to know what kind of experience to expect, look no further. In short, Street Fighter 6 is quite playable on the Deck for the most part (it even has a “gold” status on ProtonDB), but there are a few things you should keep in mind. Without further ado, this is how to get the best experience with Street Fighter 6 on Steam Deck!

    How Does Street Fighter 6 Run on Steam Deck?

    If all you plan to do is stick to the Fighting Ground mode, I have good news. Street Fighter 6 runs great by default and manages to maintain a solid 60 FPS in normal matches. I would even recommend lowering the Deck’s TDP limit to about 10W to maximize your battery life. The game should still be playable at 60 FPS when you do this. You’re not going to get incredible battery life out of this title, but it should last a bit longer than many other modern AAA games on the Deck. 

    However, there are some aspects of Street Fighter 6 on Steam Deck where expectations have to be lowered. If you plan to play World Tour mode on the go, I strongly recommend you set a 30 FPS cap for the most consistent experience. Unfortunately, setting this frame rate cap through the Deck itself won’t be enough. You will need to go into the game’s graphics settings and make sure that World Tour battles are set to 30 FPS. This is because you will otherwise experience some severe slowdowns while in battle. 

    The Deck may not be the ideal way to experience World Tour mode, but it will get the job done. Considering that World Tour is a casual single-player mode, I don’t believe that 30 FPS battles are going to be a deal-breaker. You’re also not going to reach 60 FPS in the Battle Hub, but setting a frame rate cap is not as important here. As soon as you enter a normal fight, the game will be able to reach 60 FPS. 

    Is Street Fighter 6 a Good Fit for on-the-Go Gaming?

    Street Fighter 6 demo

    For a casual experience, I believe Street Fighter 6 is a great fit for Steam Deck. It may not be the best option for serious competitive play, but the Deck will otherwise more than suffice. I also highly recommend that you make use of the rear buttons for actions such as Drive Impact and more. This can make controlling the game on Deck a lot easier. If you found this article to be helpful, be sure to check out our other guides on Street Fighter 6!

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