World Flipper Main Story to Conclude Soon, Scaling Back Updates

    An uncertain future for World Flipper.

    Cygames released an official notice regarding the future status of mobile game World Flipper, revealing that the game’s main story will conclude soon. Additionally, Cygames outlined what players can expect in future updates as the studio seemingly slows down development of new World Flipper content. 

    According to Cygames, World Flipper’s main story will conclude with chapter 12, which will be introduced in the near future. New Story Events will cease to appear following the May 31 update, and the company will begin to rerun its past events. The World Flipper manga will no longer receive updates on May 31 as well. New characters and equipment for World Flipper are still planned, but this will become less frequent in June 2023 and beyond. The game will only add 2-4 characters in each update, and the amount of voice lines will be scaled back. Players can still expect new Character Episodes in future updates, however.

    The 3.5 year anniversary event for World Flipper is still planned for May 27, which will likely be the game’s last major event before the reduction in content. Cygames clarifies that players can still expect new content going forward, including new bosses, but the studio did not reveal any further details on what’s coming after June 2023. Further updates about World Flipper will be shared through notices in the game and on the game’s official website.

    Uncertain Future

    Although Cygames has not confirmed the termination of services for World Flipper, the reduction of content in future updates may be interpreted as tell-tale sign. The latest news comes just a few weeks after Crunchyroll Games shut down the global version of Princess Connect! Re:Dive, which is another beloved Cygames title by fans. The Japanese version of Princess Connect! Re:Dive is still active, but its long-term future remains in question.

    Lastly, World Flipper is available now for Android and iOS worldwide.

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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