Kodansha Launches K Manga App, Launch Party Announced for June 22


    Kodansha announced the official K Manga app is now available for Android and iOS in the United States, and a browser version is launching soon. The app includes 400 manga titles including Attack on Titan, Tokyo Revengers, and Fairy Tail. Additionally, 60 manga titles
    will see their most recent chapters published simultaneously (simulpub) in Japan and the U.S.

    K Manga brings several Kodansha titles to readers in the U.S. including the latest simulpub chapters for the world’s leading manga titles and an existing library of complete manga titles. Further, Kodansha plans on expanding the app’s reach to readers around the world as soon as possible. To commemorate the U.S. launch, K Manga will host a launch party on Thursday, June 22 at 9:00 p.m. EDT. Fans can expect giveaways, special guests, and behind-the-scenes footage at the launch party, which will be streamed live on the official Kodansha USA YouTube channel.

    “We are a publisher that serves as a link between manga artists and readers. We will continue to strengthen our efforts to protect manga artists from piracy and other forms of copyright infringement, including traceability of translations.” said K Manga project leader Yuta Hiraoka.

    Hiraoka added, “We are starting with US-only for now. However, we know that there are Kodansha manga readers all over the world who want to try K Manga and read the latest simulpub chapters. We hear you and we are doing our best to make K Manga available in your countries as soon as we can.”

    How to Unlock Chapters in K Manga

    K Manga readers may enjoy the first few chapters of 400 manga titles for free and unlock subsequent chapters for three days at a time. In order to unlock these chapters, readers must use Normal or Premium Tickets. Normal Tickets are issued daily for each title, and Premium Tickets can be used for all chapters of all eligible titles for which Tickets are eligible. Three to four tickets may be earned per day by redeeming login bonuses or viewing advertisements. Readers that use both tickets should be able to read roughly four to five free chapters every day.

    Readers can also access manga chapters by purchasing Points with real world currency. A dollar is equivalent to 100 Points that can unlock manga chapters, which vary in cost depending on their length and the chapter’s recency. For instance, a serialized manga released in 20-page installments requires 69 points for older chapters and 99 points for the most recent chapter. Chapters unlocked with points may be accessed indefinitely through a reader’s account.

    Lastly, the K Manga launch trailer and launch party live stream are embedded for viewing below.

    Launch Trailer

    Launch Party

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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