Bullet Hell Shoot ‘Em Up Gunvein Launches May 11 for Switch

    Coming soon to PS4 and Xbox One.

    NGDEV announced bullet hell shoot ’em up Gunvein launches on May 11 digitally for Nintendo Switch. The upcoming Nintendo Switch shoot ’em up will be available for $19.95, and a demo is currently available now for the Steam version. Additionally, NGDEV shared a new launch trailer for the Nintendo Switch release of Gunvein.

    Here’s an overview of Gunvein via NGDEV:

    About Gunvein

    Gunvein is an intense, dynamic bullet hell STG inspired by the arcade masterpieces of CAVE, Taito and Raizing/8ing.
    Screen domination is vital – use your lock-ons & charged energy blasts to overwhelm enemies before they overwhelm you.

    Aggressive play is rewarded with resources that can be used to temporarily power up your shot, or to unleash a devastating screen clearing Bomb. Use this to create destructive feedback loops! Score isn’t merely a number – the points you accrue come back to you as extra lives & currency for the game’s shop system.

    • Standard/Console Mode – A mode which provides a satisfying level of challenge for those who don’t seek out 1 credit clears or high scores. Balanced checkpoints & a shop system which makes sure that no restart is wasted. No practice modes required, learn by playing!
    • Arcade Mode – See how far you can get with a limited stock of lives & no continues! Alternatively, take advantage of the Freeplay Mode to relax or practice!
    • Roguelike Arrange Mode – Test your reflexes & decision making in procedurally generated versions of the game’s 5 stages! Carefully designed to capture the intensity, smooth flow/pacing and encounter variety of hand crafted stages.
    • Online Leaderboards
    • Convenient Practice Tools

    Gunvein Launch Trailer (Nintendo Switch)

    Lastly, Gunvein is available now for PC via Steam, and PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions are coming soon.

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