Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Now Available for PlayStation and Xbox

    More updates coming in summer 2023.

    Capcom announced the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak expansion is now available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. To commemorate the launch, Capcom released a new Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak trailer. Additionally, fans can expect more Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak in summer 2023.

    Here’s an overview of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, courtesy of Capcom:

    About Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

    Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak takes place following the heroic defense of Kamura Village in Monster Hunter Rise. News of the village’s survival inspires the gallant knight Dame Fiorayne to travel from the distant Kingdom seeking aid. Hunters brave enough to answer the call set out for the port of Elgado Outpost. This research center and Command Post is responsible for stopping the threat befalling the Kingdom. The top of the target list includes powerful creatures inspired by staples of Western horror, known as the Three Lords. This cadre includes the conjoined elemental powerhouse Garangolm, the chilling Fanged Wyvern Lunagaron, and the vampiric Elder Dragon Malzeno. In addition to these nightmarish foes, there are new monster variants and returning fan-favorites, including Scorned Magnamalo, Espinas, and Shagaru Magala, all emerging to challenge hunters in the added Master Rank quest difficulty.

    Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak also introduces new ways for players to bond with the game’s charming cast of characters through new Follower Quests. These single player hunts enable players to accept and complete quests with their favorite story characters. Each Follower has their own specialization and will even assist players by recovering their health, placing traps, and even riding monsters to turn the tide of battle. Members of Elgado Outpost, such as Fiorayne, Luchika, Jae, Admiral Galleus, and Master Arlow are now accessible as Followers, alongside members of Kamura Village including Hinoa and Minoto. Players will unlock Followers as they progress through the story, and can even earn exclusive rewards for completing Follower Quests.

    Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Launch Trailer (PlayStation and Xbox)

    Lastly, Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is also available on Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam. 

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