Trinity Trigger – Souvenir Guide

    Everybody loves getting gifts from people who have been traveling! Cyan goes on many grand adventures but he’s always thinking of Firn, back home. Use our Trinity Trigger Souvenir Guide to get some awesome gifts for Firn!

    What are Souvenirs?

    Souvenirs are, well, souvenirs! They’re mementos of your journey so far and also represent the culture and history of the places you get them from.

    Firn even decorates your home with what you bring her! Be sure to check around the house to see these little knick-knacks! She also has little comments, so savor these lovely interactions between the characters!

    Trinity Trigger

    How to Get Souvenirs?

    After the story events in Sandheim a merchant will stop you and offer to sell you an item for 5000 Liba. Buy it, this acts as a tutorial for this little side thing. You can get it later if you skip out.

    Check out every Item shop in each new town you visit and talk to NPCs. That’s how you get souvenirs going forward. Use this handy upcoming list to help you out with that!

    Souvenir List

    There are only 5 souvenirs in the game and you get a trophy/achievement for getting them all for Firn!

    • Souvenir: Fish Fossil (look I forgot the name and didn’t have a screenshot please forgive me…), How to Get: Sandheim Merchant for 5000 Liba (souvenir tutorial during the main story)
    • Souvenir: Ephemeral Lamp, How to Get: Purchase in Astum for 15000 Liba
    • Souvenir: Herbarium, How to Get: Get in Festibane 
    • Souvenir: Scales of Balance, How to Get: Talk to an NPC wandering around Lavaxia
    • Souvenir: Seaweed Shelf, How to Get: Purchase from Grimgreed for 100000 Liba

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